Surface Pro pricing and launch date revealed for Switzerland, Italy

Surface Pro pricing and launch date revealed for Switzerland, Italy

Summary: Two more countries have announced when and where Microsoft's latest tablet will go on sale, and how much it will cost.


Switzerland and Italy have become the latest countries to release pricing and availability details for the Surface Pro.

Last week, Microsoft announced that the Pro — previously only available in the US — is to be released in Europe at the end of this month.

Now Switzerland and Italy have joined the likes of the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal in confirming when and where the tablet will go on sale.

In Italy, the tablet will be made available from 30 May at retailers Euronics, Expert, Media World, Saturn and Unieuro, as well as online at

The suggested retail price for the 64GB Pro is €899, and €999 for the 128GB, Microsoft announced on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro will also go on sale from 30 May in Switzerland through local branches of Fust, Interdiscount and Media Markt, along with Microsoft's online shop.

Swiss buyers wanting a 64GB Surface can expect to pay in the region of CHF 959 (€770), or CHF 1,059 (€850) for the 128GB. The Touch and Type covers will be sold separately at CHF 130 (€104) and CHF 140 (€112) respectively.

The local pricing and release dates for the Pro have remained fairly consistent across most European countries, with most selling the tablet for in the region of €850-870 for the 64GB and €950-€980 for the 128GB version.

Apart from the UK, where the Surface Pro will launch on 23 May, the rest of Europe will be able to buy the device on 30 or 31 May.

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  • Next Stop On The Microsoft Mediocrity World Tour

    I wonder if all these unsold Surfaces are being hoarded in one central warehouse, or several distributed ones?
    • Yes a large warehouse!

      A warehouse built out of redundant iPads that the IT industry no longer need because they now have a tablet that can replace a laptop or business desktop system and runs business software now and can multi-task and is compatible with normal desktops and server frameworks and can create and increase productivity not just consume media and has a USB socket and expandable memory and restore your broken down iPad or iPhone when they lock up and replace the need to carry around giant smartphones that are hardwired to be incompatible with 90% of the IT industry.
      Don't be scared though my apple shill friends there will always be a need for iPads for the funky hipster social butterflies, self appointed leaders of anonymous social media circle jerks and IT fashion consumer role models. Whenevr some needs to take a selfy of their new Bieber haircut and post it on their Gangnam Style fan website. But where ever serious IT work is being done there a good chance you will find more and more Surface Pro's and less iPads as each day passes and it becames available to millions more people every day. Every aspect of the hardware surpasses iPads already and this is version 1 of the Pro wait until MS get to version SPro5. Be afraid, Be very afraid apple shills an fannbois!.
  • SurfacePro - not there yet. Try other ultrabooks - Sony, Samsung, Dell, HP.

    Not worth the price. Ultrabooks from makers like Lenova, Sony (and even Toshiba) are better choices than SurfacePro. Here are the reasons
    1. Better form factor
    2. Easily upgrade RAM and HDD/SSD
    3. Better processors (i7) in some cases
    Surface Pro suffers on the following front
    1. Smaller screen, really not worth the price
    2. Heavier than some of the ultrabooks I mentioned earlier
    3. Not easy to upgrade
    4. Comes with pretty limited memory (although it comes with USB port that you attch to an external drive, certainly an option)
    5. Got hot really fast. Use it for an hour and this guy gets really hot

    Of course Surface Pro is otherwise a good device, screen is great, comes with a wonderful keyboard and response time is awesome, but certainly not there at the moment to replace traditional laptops
    • You're missing the point entirely

      1. Form-factor is subjective. Some people want the portability of a tablet.
      2. One's a tablet, the other's a notebook.
      3. A jump from an i5 to an i7 in ULV processors isn't a big one.

      And now for your extra negatives:

      1. Again, subjective.
      2. It's lighter than all of them.
      3. Again, it's a damn tablet.
      4. It's a tablet...
      5. No it doesn't. Pulling things out of your rear never helps anyone.

      You also forgot that it packs a 1080p screen, a touch-panel, and a Wacom digitizer. The pen itself, would be a reason to buy this device.
      • Not at all

        I exchanged it for a Sony ultrabook, and it's gorgeous. No issues with display or heat. May be the Surface product I had might have had issues. I can certainly tell you "Google for Surface Pro heat issues" you will see a lot of complains. I cannot talk for others I shared my perspective.
        Oh Yes, digitizer pen is one of the best things. I loved it. That does not mean I am going to return to Surface Pro. Not for the moment. Will continue to watch the space to see for future devices from MS