Sydney's anti-filter turnout: Photos

Sydney's anti-filter turnout: Photos

Summary: The national day of action to protest the government's internet filter took place last weekend, although only some passionate anti-filter people turned up to the event held in Sydney.


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  • The Sydney event was held in Parramatta Park at 1pm on Saturday, 6 March. It began slowly, as the microphones had not yet arrived, nor all the speakers. Attendees mingled near the entrance to the park.

    There had been track work on the train line between Granville and Parramatta, which meant that anyone arriving on public transport would likely have been delayed. It also looked like it might rain.

    (Credit: Suzanne Tindal/

  • Finally, the microphone and sound system were found, prompting those who had gathered to move into the sun, where the speeches would be held.

    (Credit: Suzanne Tindal/

Topics: Censorship, Tech Industry

Suzanne Tindal

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  • Connecting to the broader community

    Whilst I don't want to make any negative comments about my fellow geeks, until we have some mainstream people on the no-filter side of this fight we are going to struggle to connect to the Mums and Dads who's votes are the ones that are going to drive the political dimension of this.
  • Venue

    I wonder if the choice of paramatta park was an issue, though I agree with Chris, you would think that with all of the digital media marketers someone could actually take it to the people with out it getting bawdy.

    Having said that you can opt out of it cant you, or has the government changed the rules? If you can opt out I really dont understand what the drama is.
  • Re Venue

    Yes the venue is a really, really poor choice. Especially on a work day, if I was still in Sydney there is no way I could have gone, I have to work. I have been to a few of the weekend ones however.
    The full opt out was withdrawn, there is a minor opt out but your name is on the list. The point is something like this should be opt-in at worst and at best the whole plan should be scrapped.

    To Chris, I am a Dad and I took my eldest with me last time I protested. But I am a geek too. Hopefully the political dimension will drive itself and this farce will be voted out.
  • Venue

    This being so

    The trackwork went all the way to Penrith.....excellent timing might I add. Thank you labor state government. :(

    People still came from Newcastle and Wollongong...and the speakers were excellent when the mikes got set up, and Lee Rhiannon could be heard down Pitt and Macquarie street and through the park

    And there was some newbies present, and they did learn something. and the network of activists has grown because of it.

    youtube the speeches
  • The broader community

    You hit it on the head Chris , the regular Joe out there does not understand the implications. They think it's only something that will affect the nerds. There is a responsibility for us as technologists to get the word out and show them why this is the worst kind of censorship ever to be foisted upon Australians. The government is relying on the fact that it's not understood to ram it in. Once it's there you know it there for life.
  • this issue should be put to a separate public wote, and then again after a 6 month trial, be put out for a rewote and also the socalled black list should be made public, so people can see that it is only the things they tell you about that is actually blocked and it should not be possible to ad anything to this list without it being subject to a wote by the general public, in the first place the government is supposedly there to do the public's bidding so how can they decide to this without a general public vote
  • no opt out.circumvention,so far,legal.
    thomas vesely