T-Mobile Galaxy Note coming in weeks with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

T-Mobile Galaxy Note coming in weeks with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Summary: The Galaxy Note has been available outside the US for months and on AT&T for a couple months, but is now coming to T-Mobile. This model launches with Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box.


I took a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note back in April and ended up buying one to use on AT&T. I then returned it when I read rumors it was coming to T-Mobile and today we received the press release that the Galaxy Note is coming to T-Mobile in the coming weeks, for an undisclosed price.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note coming in weeks with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Note will launch with Ice Cream Sandwich on it and all those great improvements seen with S Pen functionality. In addition, the T-Mobile version supports the 42 Mbps HSPA+ network and WiFi Calling technology. I am pretty impressed with the Galaxy S III on T-Mobile, but am now debating if I should return it this week and hold out for the large Galaxy Note.

There are rumors of a slightly large display, 5.5 vs 5.3 inches, display Galaxy Note 2 coming later this year with the latest Jelly Bean Android software so this T-Mobile release may be a bit late for smartphone fans. It will be interesting to see how the Note does now that the Galaxy S III is out and available.

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  • It's too late for this phone.

    Unless there is a promise of an OS upgrade to Jelly Bean before November, this phone is not worth getting. Given T-Mobiles and Samsungs upgrade history, that's not likely to happen though.
  • tmobile's stupid

    who wants the note1. when the note2 comes out next month.

    gs3 was marked up 65% by tmobile. how much will this galaxy be

    marked up?. 75% perhaps? tmobile is bleeding customers like a

    ruptured artery. they'll probably mark it.(greedy bastards).

    tmobile is run by a bunch of inbread hillbillies. but the fcc

    would've allowed the merger had tmobile had 1-2million less

    customers. which it looks like tmobile is busy getting rid of. if

    you work for tmobile you better find a job thats going to be

    around. 3-5yrs. tmobile usa will be nomore! thats a fact! better

    yet a promise. can't be a mobile phone carrier w/o customers

    and sell the same phones everyone else have for 50-65% more

    w/o Lte. whats worse marking up phones or digging up at&t's

    old phones and calling them new? tmobile is already 2steps

    behind on every socalled new phone. tmobile was doomed

    from the start.