T-Mobile launches first HSDPA phone

T-Mobile launches first HSDPA phone

Summary: The MDA Vario II with 3.5G connectivity is the first such device to market in the UK, claims T-Mobile

TOPICS: Mobility

T-Mobile is claiming to be the first operator to get an HSDPA — that's 3.5G — phone out of the door and into business users' hands.

The MDA Vario II runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 and comes with Redmond's push email. It supports Microsoft Office apps such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Thanks to its 3.5G connectivity the device can theoretically achieve download speeds of around 1.8Mbps, but most users will experience less than that.

On the hardware side, the device sports a Qwerty keyboard and a large screen to support unrestricted web browsing.

The device is made by Windows OEM shop, HTC. The Vario II is, unsurprisingly, the second iteration of the smart phone. The first, known by the brand name Wizard, was also sold by O2 and Orange as own-brand devices.

The device will cost £299 and under, depending on contract.

Photo credit: T-Mobile

Topic: Mobility

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  • Looks like a great phone, but the mobile operators really need to work on their tarrifs if this is to make it to the mainstream. Roaming on my Blackberry is expensive enough - can you imagine with a nice interface like this if I actually wanted to do some serious work???
  • The MDA Vario II is, I'm pretty sure, the same as the Vodafone 1605 which is now available.

    And although it may be an HSDPA phone, Vodafone has found that it doesn't work with their HSDPA and requires a software update that won't be available this year Perhaps T-Mobile hasn't found out about this because their Aug 1 launch of HSDPA didn't happen?