T-Mobile offers a year of unlimited LTE to those who throw Sprint friends a lifeline

T-Mobile offers a year of unlimited LTE to those who throw Sprint friends a lifeline

Summary: T-Mobile is serious about taking the third place spot away from Sprint and is coming up with creative ways to bring in more customers and keep existing customers happy.


T-Mobile's John Legere has been shaking up the US wireless industry with his Uncarrier initiatives and as they attempt to take the third spot from Sprint before the end of they year they are offering yet another incentive for consumers. T-Mobile is encouraging current T-Mobile customers to 'throw a lifeline' to Sprint friends.

If a T-Mobile customer brings in a customer from Sprint (Verizon and AT&T are included as well) then both the new T-Mobile customer and existing T-Mobile customer will get a full year of unlimited LTE for no additional charge. If a current T-Mobile Simple Choice customer already has unlimited LTE, then they will get a $10 credit on their account for twelve months.

Sprint just recently killed off their Framily plans and launched a new shared data plan, similar to what Verizon and AT&T offer. They just recently had an employee event promoting that they are getting back into the game.

T-Mobile's current most advertised offering is a Simple Choice plan for four lines with 2.5 GB of LTE data for $100. If a T-Mobile customer on this plan can bring in a friend from Sprint then this deal gets even sweeter.

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  • Tmo's plan seems to be

    keep hitting Sprint till their so bloody that Tmobile can buy them up at a cheaper price than softbank paid.
  • It is Limited...

    T-Mobile LTE is not unilimited... It has great big limits...as in coverage area being extremely limited. :)
    • I've never heard of an area

      where sprint has better coverage than Tmobile (probably because I've never heard of an area where sprint has good coverage)
  • T-Mobile offers a year of unlimited LTE to those who throw Sprint friends a

    I have to give it to T-Mobile for trying. I can't use them because of the coverage in my area but they do seem to be coming up with new ideas for mobile plans.
    • Coverage Booster

      Yeah, coverage was a bit patchy for a friend, so we went to the T-Mobile Company-owned store, and got a free Cell Signal Booster.

      This is a $500 piece of equipment that extended coverage throughout their house. It's very easy to setup and doesn't cost anything as long as you have T-Mobile service. The only catch is this-- If you change to a different provider, you have to return it. Perhaps ask for one. My friend went from zero bars of coverage to 4 once it was installed.

      You place a Reciever near a window or a part of the house which has coverage, and the transmitter in a room which doesn't have coverage.

      AT&T wanted $250 for a similar "microcell" device that also needed a fast internet connection. This doesn't connect to the internet. That saves time when you set it up.
  • Comparison of Sprint vs. T-Mo offers...

    is here: http://www.sprint.com/landings/datashare/
    28GB from Sprint vs. 10GB from T-Mobile. T-Mo gives you a year of unlimited only if you RECRUIT for them.
  • Why?

    I have devices from both, phone on Sprint and pay-as-I-go mobile hotspot on T-Mo for those few places I go without good Sprint LTE. I load the hotspot maybe once a year. I have unlimited everything on Sprint, and no plans to change to any other service unless they match the plan I already have, especially because the amount of data I use would be several hundred on AT&T or Verizon. My combined data and tethering usage virtually always exceeds 50GB (5GB tethering built in), mostly because I never listen to live radio anymore in the car, just stream Pandora.