T-Mobile Pulse Mini: photos

T-Mobile Pulse Mini: photos

Summary: The Pulse Mini is an entry-level Android phone from T-Mobile, available on a pay-as-you-go basis

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  • The Pulse Mini from T-Mobile is an exclusive handset that, rarely for an Android device, is available on Pay As You Go. The Pulse Mini follows the original Pulse, which launched last year, and costs £99.99.

  • The Pulse Mini is a compact handset measuring 106mm by 57mm by 14mm. It sits comfortably in the hand and fits neatly in the pocket. The screen is relatively small at 2.8in., and the resolution a moderate 320 by 240 pixels.

    The small screen size makes this smartphone less than ideal for media-rich activities like web browsing or document creation, although an accelerometer means you can try these activities with the screen in portrait or landscape mode simply by turning the Pulse Mini in your hands.

Topics: Smartphones, Reviews

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  • T-mobile (co.uk) coincidently have a 20% off all Pay as you Handsets today 20/05/10, this is included so its £79.99 + £10 top up, log into first Quidco Cashback Site first and get an extra £10 cashback. The Pay-as-you also currently has 6 months free internet access. Pretty much a bargain by the look of it, well if you want to try Android 2.1 that is.