T-Mobile's Legere predicts they will overtake Sprint's number three position in 2014

T-Mobile's Legere predicts they will overtake Sprint's number three position in 2014

Summary: T-Mobile has been shaking things up with their Uncarrier initiatives, led by CEO John Legere, and these seem to be working as they passed 50 million subscribers on their way to the third place.



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T-Mobile has been on quite a run thanks in large part to CEO John Legere's aggressive Uncarrier initiatives. Yesterday, Legere Tweeted that T-Mobile would overtake Sprint before the end of 2014, becoming the new number three US wireless carrier.

T-Mobile's latest finanical report shows increasing revenues and increasing subscribers, passing 50.5 million. On the other hand, Sprint's latest financials show they are still making a profit, but also continuing to lose subscribers. They just replaced their CEO this week too.

Estimates have Sprint with approximately 53 million customers (postpaid and prepaid) compared to T-Mobile's 50.5 million. With a 1.5 million customer gain in the last quarter, and Sprint's continued decline, the two may switch positions over the next two quarters.

Legere's statement may not be as outlandish as some other statements he has made in the past. His bold nature and statements seem to motivate employees so this prediction may help push T-Mobile to gain the 2.5 million needed to match Sprint before the end of the year.

It is tough to say one carrier is the best since we each live, work, and play in different areas of the country and carrier coverage varies. I personally get outstanding T-Mobile coverage and find Sprint barely functional where I wander. AT&T and Verizon coverage is excellent for me as well, but also much more expensive than T-Mobile.

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  • tmobile is making waves

    Tmobile has been advocating good choices for customers, as well as actually improving their network speeds and coverage, i think those are the major reasons for them gaining so many customers. I know that is one reason i dropped verizon and switched to tmobile last year
    • baloney

      1/4 of the US still can't get T-Mobile and I don't see them fixing that anytime soon. When T-Mobile tell at&t and Verizon "Here you guys split 75 million potential customers we don't want them" No wonder they don't have to make major changes.
      • they're giving the bulk of the country

        solid HSPA+ and LTE before moving to lower population areas. you can certainly argue it's better to do it their way, and you can argue it's better to get basic 3G coverage nationwide before worrying about LTE etc, but whichever strategy you agree with the fact that they are investing heavily in infrastructure and very quickly is undeniable.

        I happen to agree with their strategy too- basic 3G coverage nationwide won't get anyone to switch which means no $$ to improve HSPA+ and LTE. getting it right in big markets first gives them the customers and $$ to expand to less populated areas.
  • tmo's netwrok

    does not work for me, but they have driven down my AT&T cost with their agressive pricing. keep up the good work TMO!
  • 16 mil of those 50 mil are prepaid

    Who cares about prepaid?
    • Companies do

      I mean, those customers bring money. Why wouldn't they care?
      Michael Alan Goff
    • More important question

      Why aren't you prepaid? It's been shown time and time again, it is significantly less expensive for the same service.
  • Brilliant Marketing but it might come back to bite them...

    I think it's brilliant that T-Mobile kept their rates the same but offered new plans (with no contract) that requires customers to buy their phones above and beyond the cost of normal service as if the whole world were blind. HELLO AMERICA! Your plan used to include the cost of your phone. - Now you get the same price - without a contract, - but you have to finance (a contract) the purchase of your phone above and beyond the cost of your service!!!!
    Doesn't anyone see that T-Mobile just F@cked them in this process?
    • What?

      You do realize that their plans are cheaper for what you get AND if you finance through them your bill will end up getting cheaper at the end of you paying for the phone right? It's much better than paying for the phone and then continuing to pay the extra on your bill.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • T-mobile is a superior experience

    for me over AT&T in all areas, except one: reception inside buildings. For some reason, you can have great coverage until you walk into a building, then poof. Nothing.
    • AT&T has greater coverage

      in the lower frequencies, which penetrate walls better than higher frequencies, more often than not the only ones in use by T-Mobile.
  • It really should not be that hard

    as Sprint has problems both with its network, and poor customer service. It has been this way since its inception. The people at Sprint always thought they were so advanced, and never wanted to admit to any problems, network or personnel.

    BTW, I used to be a manager of a Radio Shack and sold Sprint for a few years, and then went elsewhere and competed against them for a few more. If not for the business users, which Sprint tends to coddle, they would have gone belly up long ago.