Taking datacentres on the road

Taking datacentres on the road

Summary: Is it a truck? Is it a giant portable wind tunnel? Well, yes -- but it's also a mobile datacentre with a maximum capacity of 4.1 petabytes of storage, which would easily hold an awful lot of high-res Superman footage.

TOPICS: Data Centers

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  • In San Francisco, it's not unusual to see technology advertising on the side of vehicles -- we can't imagine too many other cities would be flooded with taxis proclaiming that Oracle has the "fastest growing middleware", for example. But this isn't actually an ad, it's a datacentre -- the Rackable Ice Cube, complete with its own power supply on a trailer. (The adjacent building wasn't willing to share its power.)

    Credit: Angus Kidman/ZDNet Australia

  • Inside the Ice Cube: This is looking more like standard datacentre territory, although not many datacentres run regular tours or attract a steady stream of camera-wielding fans (at least not in our experience). There's also office space included, though it was too filled with gawping administrators and product brochures to be worth photographing.

    Credit: Angus Kidman/ZDNet Australia

Topic: Data Centers

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  • WOW!

    What more can I say?


    That is sooooo cool. I want one!!! Is there any way I can find out the price of this baby without talking to a sales rep?
  • Cost

    You have to go through Rackable sales. They won't bite you...