Tax refund smartphone buying guide: Gallery

Tax refund smartphone buying guide: Gallery

Summary: The average refund for US taxpayers this year is nearly $3,000. There are some fantastic smartphones available or coming soon that you can purchase with some of this refund, as you can see in this gallery.


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  • (Image: Sony)

    5. Sony Xperia Z

    The Xperia Z is not yet out in the US, but there is so much in this Android phone that you have to at least consider it to be a top contender. ZDNet's sister site CNET gave it a 4.5 out of five star review, too.

  • (Image: Nokia)

    6. Nokia Lumia 920

    I keep using the Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T because I like Windows Phone 8, Nokia provides a ton of services, and the camera is top notch.

  • (Image: BlackBerry)

    7. BlackBerry Z10

    BlackBerry has a long road ahead, but after using the BlackBerry Z10 for over a month, I am convinced they have what it takes to be fairly successful in the smartphone market.

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  • $3000 ????

    I have to pay in nearly that in extra. :((((

    Granted in a very high tax state (MN)

    Let's hope their phones have foodstamp and how to get fake disability apps.
  • Tax Refund means too much upfront

    Definition of Tax Refund:
    Government's way of getting their money up front
    by creating an environment where tax payers
    become another source of short-term borrowed money.
  • Unacceptable article format

    It is now the second quarter of the new year.

    ZD Net only had one important New Year's Resolution this year. '"No Slide Show Articles with out a prominent 'View-as-one-page' link." How's that working out for you so far?
    Leo Regulus
  • Value proposition...

    My contact with Sprint ended April 15. I'd been wanting to try a no-contract operator for a while, and so on the 15th my wife and I took our lines to Cricket. So far, I'm thrilled (though it's barely been a day). We went with the value proposition and bought HTC one Vs. My goodness I'm impressed with this device! It was $100.00 with no contract, and easily outperforms my old Evo 4G. It's not a screamer, but performs smartphone duties admirably. Runs simple games like Temple Run 2 without a hitch. I just tested the 3g in downtown Baltimore this morning and saw 1.7 Mb down and 500k up. My $55 a month gets me 2.5 GB of data and tethering to boot. Best of all, I can dump the plan at any time without incurring a termination fee. Two thumbs up for no contract plans!