Team GhostShell takes on NASA, ESA, Pentagon

Team GhostShell takes on NASA, ESA, Pentagon

Summary: Hacktivist campaigners Team GhostShell claim to have breached the security of a number of high-profile organisations.

TOPICS: Security

Hacktivist campaigners Team GhostShell claim to have stolen accounts from a number of organisations including NASA, ESA, the Pentagon and the Federal Reserve.

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In "#ProjectWhiteFox", what the team says will be their last project for the year, the hackers appear to have targeted and stolen database records from companies and organizations including NASA, Bigelow Aerospace, Aerospace Suppliers, World Airport Transfers, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and a defense contractor for the Pentagon.

The team claims that the latest campaign has resulted in the leak of 1.6 million accounts and records from different industry players.

The file dump, upon closer inspection, seems to include a number of records obtained via SQL injection. A random selection of the files contain email and home addresses, defense material tests and analysis notes, mailing lists, passwords and names. In addition, some file dumps also include administrator email addresses and accompanying passwords, telephone numbers, hashed passwords and database details of company suppliers in the aerospace and oil industries.

A file titled "NASA's Engineers: Center for Advanced Engineering" contains email addresses, member names, and what appears to be the passwords of several users.

Team GhostShell writes that it has sent a number of emails detailing security failures to figures based at organizations including the Homeland Security Information Network, the FBI, Flashpoint and a partner of NASA, commenting:

"Forgot to mention that the email will also contain another 150 vulnerable servers from the Pentagon, NASA, DHS, Federal Reserve, Intelligence firms, L-3 CyberSecurity, JAXA, etc. consider it an early Christmas present from us)."

Team GhostShell is loosely linked to hacktivist collective Anonymous, who have begun a new campaign called #OpWCIT, based around the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT). In a recent blog post, Anonymous outlines its opinion on Internet regulation and censorship, urging those online to sign a number of petitions and prevent "the balance of the Internet being upset."

Team GhostShell has been connected to a number of high-profile campaigns in 2012. In recent months, the collective has claimed responsibility for leaking 120,000 university records, as well as the release of 2.5 million records originating from the Russian government.

Topic: Security

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  • WHY?

    In a world where there are hungry children running about with barely any clean water to drink, why would someone want to purposely go out of their way to try and ruin someone else s stuff. I mean, if you start stealing identities and account information, then sell it or post it for others to use inappropriately, what do you think all these countries would want to do? If people didn't abuse the internet for crimes, then the governments would probably be less inclined to censor any part of the web. These hackers don't care about the rest of us or keeping the internet free, but instead just look out for their own interests. If they really cared, they should just apologize and find another way to spend their time, like figuring out how to get clean food and water to hungry people.
    • Re:WHY?

      That's not really something you'd ask from people who have different talents than what you're asking for. I'm not saying they can't possibly find a way to figure out how to provide for the world, but they might just be more talented at hacking, and thus use their talents as they can.
      • Yeah, but......

        Well, I was just trying to be more constructive, but overall these people are some of the reason why governments and corporations want more control over the internet. These hackers are like the people that aren't ask to come back to an all you can eat buffet. If you abuse something and try to screw someone over, then said person now have just helped ruin it for the rest of us so to say. These people just don't care about anyone but themselves, even if they preach otherwise. Plus, if you are smart enough to do serious hacking, then I believe these chaps can learn other useful talents with ease.
        • Lets be clear

          The treaty is not being signed due to hackers on the internet. They are being signed to enforce copy right and bring back the old AOL and CompuServ style BBS's. This way Comcast and AT&T get to own 100% of everything on there. They own all of the ecommerce shops, game rooms and chat rooms. They control 100% of everything and keep 100% of everything. The only motive here is greed. Plain and simple.
    • Gotta love hypocrisy...

      "children" Yeah, because there are no teens and adults that are starving in the world.
      You are an irrelevant person with irrelevant points.
  • hungry?

    Hackers are not the reason people are hungry and it is not for their talents. Contractors and governments practicaly steal money daily! Unemployed receive incredible benifits in america and france. Almost $2000 monthly. Now putting individuals to work changes how much aide can go somewhere else I.e. needy children. The offset is childcare! The price is too high, and does not offset free money. Most save money to stay on the program. Too much is wasted on ideas that do not benifit humanity. The things we need done takes 10 to 20 years to even impliment. I say those who need jobs, tell them to meet up and help build. Stop wasting time! Maybe its to damn simple. But no governing body on the planet should complain about those wanting truth and them to be accountable. We do it together or get walked on. Your choice.
    • Okay I didn't really mean Hungry

      What I really meant to say that instead of breaking laws and stealing our account information, then could do something else constructive with their lives and talents. These guys aren't just hacking and taking information from governments and corporations, but instead this is our information, so they are taking from us. As for the governments and people on welfare, well has nothing to do with hacking and why governments want to censor the internet. If you want to internet to stay free and awesome, this is not the way to go about it.
  • "Hacktivists"?

    There's no such thing.

    They're criminals.
    Hallowed are the Ori
  • Can you say.....

    Script kiddies?
    Richard Windmann
  • Pseudo-Cause

    It's a pseudo-cause to justify a lust for vandalism. I'm sick of the way hackers are being glamorized and romantized. They are no Robin Hoods.