Telewest users suffer network blues

Telewest users suffer network blues

Summary: Blueyonder subscribers were left without access to email and personal Web pages on Tuesday evening, after a fault hit the Telewest network

TOPICS: Networking
Telewest suffered a technical glitch on Tuesday that has left customers across Britain struggling to use several key applications.

The cause of the problem is currently unknown, but Telewest engineers are understood to be treating it as a top priority and are hoping to resolve the situation this evening.

The three services affected by the outage include Blueyonder's Personal Web Page (PWP) servers, which carry all its subscribers' Web sites; SelfCare, which allows users to manage their Web sites, add and remove MAC addresses and monitor traffic; and the email servers.

The cable firm's technical support team warned late on Tuesday afternoon that: "All blueyonder customers will currently be experiencing problems accessing their email, Webmail, the selfcare tools on the blueyonder Web site and their personal Web page."

"This issue is being investigated as a matter of the highest priority and we hope to resolve shortly," Telewest added.

According to its users, Telewest offers a relatively robust service. However, earlier this month the company did admit that this summer's virus attacks drove some broadband users away.

Topic: Networking

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  • rather dismayed this morning to find the last update for this on the by status page is dated as of 2111hrs yesterday. obviously working through the night to fix doesn't involve keeping its customers up to date.
  • Although Telewest are stressing that this is affecting other ISP's as well, I cannot find anything on internet news pages relating to this, other than what has been reported here. Surely multiple-ISP outages would be making bigger news than this!
    I agree with the last comment - no update almost 12 hours after the last information was issued. Telewest suggest ZoneLabs may be part of the issue, but seeing as this Firewall softwaresits on tens of thousands of internet users' PCs, and is vital for internet security, shouldn't Telewest be giving more information regarding this. I'm disappointed.
  • I can assure that NTL was Definatly hit as well, I couldn't get on all night. I have also seen some other suggestions that BTopenworld and freeserver were also affected.

    Apparently it was due to the transatlantic TAT14 connection going down.
  • Well I could get onto US web sites if I used an IP address. Apparently it was a problem with DNS Servers. I also heard (albeit a rumour on irc) that it was a US Hacker competition part of which was to apply DOS attacks to UK ISP DNS Servers.

    If either was true, it makes sense since I could access any web site with an IP address but when trying to resolve a hostname it would fail!

    I'm on ntl: And the DNS problem was mentioned in their server status page.
  • Well my ISP (Bulldog) wasn't affected :-) But hey thats the problem with going with these big name ISPs...
  • 10 pm new years eve when customers
    with small children which could not go out
    and join the festive spirit
    they suffered a total loss of all digital tv
    services which last into 2004
    i pay nearly
  • my digital boxes are constantly freezing. Trying to report faults to Telewest is a nightmare. The service from Telewest is appalling compared to that I received from Birmingham Cable.
  • This is nothing compared to the outage they've had for the last 4-5 days! I'll use my Wanadoo email below...
  • Is this report about Blueyonder happening today or is is a report from 2003 please?
    The date says today but headed
    November 25, 2003, 17:50 BST

    There is a problem with emails on Blueyonder now!

    no point in emailing the answer.
  • This story is from 2003, but please tell us more about today's problems.....


  • I don't know whats going on this morning (5th July 2006) but I can't even open the blueyonder homepage - never mind get to my web mail.

    Anyone know whats going on ?
  • Telewest slogan (cable if you can) i say cable don't or you will live to regret it