Telstra boosts Melbourne cable to 100Mbps

Telstra boosts Melbourne cable to 100Mbps

Summary: Telstra has announced an upgrade to its HFC broadband network within Melbourne as well as its Velocity fibre-to-the-home network and will begin trailing a new TV set-top box.


Telstra has announced an upgrade to its HFC broadband network within Melbourne as well as its Velocity fibre-to-the-home network and will begin trailing a new TV set-top box.

Both networks have had their download capacity upgraded to 100Mbps, with the HFC upload having an upper limit of 2Mbps. The HFC upgrade will reach one million residences in Melbourne.

"This means the actual download speeds an individual customer will receive on the services will depend on factors including customer equipment, server limitations, Wi-Fi reception/capacity, and so will be less than the total capacity into the home," Telstra said in a statement.

Telstra said in August that it had spent $1.5 billion on the upgrade.

The telco also announced a new set-top box called T-Box that uses two digital TV tuners and has the ability to record, rewind and pause live free-to-air television. The device also connects to BigPond's TV and movie rental services.

"T-Box also gives users unmetered access to the seven BigPond TV internet channels including live news, sport and online music all streamed directly to the television set," Telstra group managing director of product management, Holly Kramer, said.

The T-Box will be trialled by Melbourne customers, due to the network upgrades, over the coming months.

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  • so why?

    so why are they boosting the speed up to 100mbps when just yesterday i read an article that Thodey reckons there's no demand for high speed internet????????? Again, Telstra being Telstra, you just can't trust them at all.
  • Hang on to your hat, Salami.

    GO Telstra, you good thing!
  • because, they're smarter than our government...

    The NBN hasn't been properly economically tested, but all the information points to it needing a very high subscription rate as well as a higher price than today's ADSL2+ services just to produce a "minimum commercial return".

    With Telstra able to upgrade it's HFC cable (not only in Melbourne but the other major cities eventually), it's showing the government that:

    1- It can compete effectively against the NBN in major lucrative markets without a big capital expenditure (upgrade their cable is far cheaper than laying a new cable)

    2- That their network will be ready vastly earlier *cough* 8 years *cough* (even if it's not to 90% or whatever of the population)

    3- They'll be able to design, test and implement a variety of "goodies" that they can deliver as extra services over their HFC cable.

    This all means that when the NBN is rolled out, they're facing Telstra who already has had established customer relations with many of the customers the NBN needs and who can deliver more services at a lower price whilst still having a higher profit margin.... Thus you'll find Telstra's HFC network will be highly profitable whilst the governments NBN will be the biggest infrastructure disaster we've ever seen.

    Now tell me the government isn't stupid and shouldn't have just given Telstra the job of building a FTTH network???

    In the end we'll either:

    1- Go with Telstra (as consumers) because it's a better service and cheaper than the NBN, meaning the NBN cost us taxpayers $43billion dollars ...


    2- Go with the NBN, paying higher prices because we "hate" telstra meaning we're simply replacing Telstra as the big corporate bully with the NBN...

    So why couldn't the government have worked out an agreement with Telstra earlier to let Telstra build a FTTH network and charge approximately what they will for their HFC network... then it'd be the cheapest access to a high class network that Australia could achieve without costing taxpayers a single cent of that $43billion.

    And on a similar note, it's funny that the government owned organisation (NBNCo) is completely ignorant of the CSIRO's (another government agency) technology that could allow speeds of up to 640x that of their targeted 100Mbps. In other words, speeds of upto 64Gbps. Whilst not necessarily a requirement for the average home user, creating such a network would allow the development of new content delivered via the broadband network, Such as real time lecturing for university students... just a thought.
  • Don't need ADSL2+ or NBN when you have HFC ;-)


    Was chuffed as when they announced their plans to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0 sometime earlier this year.

    I have been with Bigpond Cable since 2001 or 2002.

    Their service is impeccable, but a few hiccups during the course, but nothing major to disrupt my heavy usage needs ;-)
  • Eat you heart out Conroy

    Telstra provides today what you dream to provide (MAYBE) in 2018

    I have also been on BigPond cable since around then.
  • Advance my Telstra Shares

    "Advance my Telstra Shares"....Written by RS.

    Ooh, don't forget to sing it in tune, as only a patriotic Aussie, TLS shareholder could!

    "Share-holders all let us rejoice
    For Telstra's all we need
    We've gold-en goose mono-poly
    Our lives are girt by greed
    Our PSTN is natures GIFT
    Of everything unfair
    In history's page, maintain Sol's rage

    "I love my precious Telstra shares
    More than life itself
    And, will bluntly lie, and cheat
    To maximize my wealth
    For any-thing or any-body
    Else I do not care
    Even if you have no comms

    In joyful greed, FUD and bulls!t

    Please feel free to do the big Diva like, ad-lib vocal gymnastics, on the final word, shares!

    No need to thank me, I'm just trying to help heal the blind (as usual). God Bless Telstra.
  • Tossa

    go back to your office at Telstra. Blar Blar Blar Blar I know everything. The Government is CrapBlar Blar Blar......
  • Conroy

    The HFC network is so much better than ADSL and for many people will be more than adequate for the Internet needs. Which is why Conroy will probably force Telstra to sell it off.
  • Beyond repair.

    RS you are one sick puppy.
  • RS - Advance My Telstra Shares

    Don't know about you, Sydney, but I love this song. Number 1 on the charts I think this should.

    All profits will go to the NBN, so that we "country" people can get 100Mbps, which in 10-20 years time will become 10Gbps.
  • @Eat your heart out

    I actually agree with you here, to a degree, Vasso.

    But isn't it odd how the threat of an NBN and separation has awoken Telstra from being a lumbering sloth, simply relying upon those ancient, PSTN profits (apart from NextG of course - which they needed simply to stay with/ahead of Optus, Vodafone etc) to one of a progressive company, who are even talking about reducing their prices?

    Let's not forget Optus talks of trialing wireless 4G/LTE (with claimed peak speeds of 340 Mbps) too!

    So wouldn't it be ironic with Telstra wildly upgrading, enabling more ADSL2+ exchanges etc, if after all this the government said -

    Now that we have enticed Telstra to actually upgrade, we no longer need an NBN. We'll just separate Telstra to ensure they don't have an unfair advantage!

    And employ an Optus/OPEL type Mobile/Wi-MAX/LTE or whatever, in the bush!

    Wouldn't that just beat all!
  • How will they Rort

    How will the bean counters rort the unsuspecting customer with this one.

    I can imagine it now:
    "The first 6 months 1/2 price($59) on a 36 month contract - Cap, 12gb" New Cable modem only $399
  • But wait Telstra forgot half the country!

    Yeah okay, but what about HFC in PERTH. It seems that Perth is the only state where the company cut costs and didn't bother to fully roll out their last update so everyone could have 30MBps downstream and 1Mbps upstream cable extreme speeds. Most of us customers have been bleating about it for years - but it appears Melbourne is the centre of the cable network.

    Oh - and watch out, when the power co. stops supplying your street with power sometime - the whole lot goes down and it's assumed that with no power you don't need your cable - just wait a few days for the network to be repaired - which amazingly will now be at least 3 or more days away because Telstra cut costs again and cut the restoration guarantee times from 24 hours to 96 hours.....
  • What HFC ?

    I am in a suburb that could not be supplied with ADSL until Telstra relaxed the loss that you could have on the phone line, even now at best I can only get a max of 1.5Mbs.
    When HFC was being rolled out the suburb to the north, south, east and west all got HFC and my suburb missed out, so in my mind Telstra should be split, as it should have been when privatised originally.
    I can imagine the excess usage bills in the region of $10,000 + could hurt those that actually use the downstream 100mbs speed.

    Sigh I live the dream of the speed a poor friend in the Netherlands gets of 100Mbs both download and upload and not excess usage charges.
  • the point is...

    increase speed is always good Sydney, there's nothing wrong with that. The point is, just like Greedy TLS shareholders, the CEO is also a hypocrite. Did he or did he not say there's no demand for high speed internet??????
  • Sick puppy?

    Coming from a man who wears Elton John's shirt and Mr. T's bling.

    A man so disgraceful he has blamed everyone else "including the boat people" for his share loses.

    A man who has likened himself in his fight for his shares to the "ANZACS and even Jesus Christ".

    And you have the audacity to call me a sick puppy? Lol...

    Thodey was point is still valid.

    Spending less than $300 million to jump from 30 mb/s to 100 mb/s to service a city demographic maybe a little early.

    But it was also done for "other" strategic reasons.

  • ......hey're smarter than our government...

    "So why couldn't the government have worked out an agreement with Telstra earlier to let Telstra build a FTTH network and charge approximately what they will for their HFC network... then it'd be the cheapest access to a high class network that Australia could achieve without costing taxpayers a single cent of that $43billion."

    The answer to that question is quite simple. Sol and his crew upset the living daylights out of Conroy & Co, who then bleated to Rudd, and they (Conroy and Rudd) both spat out their dummies, poked their chests out, and did what they thought would win them the most "brownies" with the ill informed masses. Hence the mess we are now in with the NBN.
  • Tossa

    Shouldn't that name you just used have been More Beer.
  • Don't need ADSL2+ or NBN......................

    Careful there Harold, or you will be set upon for being a "Greedy Telstra Shareholder". It happens you know, even if you don't own TLS, and are simply paying them a compliment for services rendered. (Just wait and see!)