Telstra not sure if Next G works in the bush

Telstra not sure if Next G works in the bush

Summary: For all the horror stories of farmers left stranded by the shutdown of the CDMA network, there are plenty of success stories.

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For all the horror stories of farmers left stranded by the shutdown of the CDMA network, there are plenty of success stories.

Take Charlie Lovick.

Charlie is, according to Telstra's press release, "the man who taught actor, Tom Burlinson, everything he needed to know about brumby chasing, cattle mustering, and stock whip cracking to star in the 1987 hit movie, The Man from Snowy River."

There's no more bona fide "man of the bush" to speak out about the strength of Next G. is yet to talk to Charlie, as every time we've tried to call, his mobile was out of range.

But according to Telstra's press guff, he's a big fan of Next G — check out the start of his testimonial below.

Next G in the bush

Charlie is a big fan of Next G.

"In areas where I was getting only marginal reception with CDMA, I can now get as good as, if not better reception, with the Next G network," he says in the Telstra release.

"For me, the Next G network isn't so much about time saving as just knowing that people can contact me and that I can make calls, even when I'm out in the bush," he told Telstra.

So there you have it. The word from the one man we all should trust, the real-life "Clancy of the Overflow."

Unfortunately for Telstra, the comments of one of their spin doctors overflowed into the final copy.

"(Please confirm there is Next G coverage in these areas of bush where the customer frequents)."

Next G in the bush

Screenshot from a Telstra marketing document


Topics: Telcos, Mobility, Telstra

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  • So funny!

    That is so funny. PR bunnies at their best. Of course, a *real* quote from him would be like "Yeah, this one works too."
  • Great Pretenders

    Ho hum, like pushing a wheelbarrow of .... uphill.
  • heh

    As stupid as a company that doesn't know how well their products and services perform? I doubt it.

    It's high time that all the Telstra fanboys here started to base their rants on factual information instead of launching personal attacks.

    Attack arguments, not contributors.
  • LOL!

    Honestly, for ways of failing ...
  • stupid?

    well bring us some more reasoned discussion Sydney.

    Tell us why this was sentence included in the brief sent out to the press.

    Would it not suggest that even Telstra's marketing folk don't trust Next G to work in the bush?
  • Lord of attacking people personally

    The one person who loves attacking people is the one who recommends basing rants on factual information ... practice what you preach!!

    Who cares anyway ... in a week there will be no such thing as CDMA in this country :-)
  • Sydney Lawrence's brown lips

    hey syd, tell me who is the person kissing Telstra butt for a dollar?
  • Hide your identity

    I have a huge amount of respect for Sydney as he is willing to identity himself and open himself up to criticism unlike the massive number of gutless anonymous people who are happy to write stupid one liners. This also applies to some of the comments I have seen against many people on this site.

    When will ZDNet actually force registration of individuals so we can see who posts what and where like in whirlpool.
  • Rego would work well

    I agree on the registration of users and have asked for it a number of times. ZDNet are of the opinion that fewer people would post if this happened. I doubt it and on top of that people woould feel more compelled to keep on the subject put by the original poster instead of allowing threads to descend into diatribes.

    Parts of ZDNet already require registration and I signed up years ago. Why can't the forums here be part of that process? I don't think participation rates would be affected on a site with as much popularity as ZDNet.
  • no CDMA?

    Why would the closure of a CDMA network make you happy? Is this personal or are you unhappy that people liked the service and do not like being pushed into more expensive services?
  • What a Load of Crap

    For 2 weeks as at time of typing I have had nothing but problems with 3G yet Telstra fail to fix the problem.The lastest edition is for me to install by myself a free antenna ($70) but must collect it and pay for it first then they will refund it later.I could better at D Smith Store.
    This getting beyond a joke all I wanted was my money back for the error of converting to a 3G prepaid blue tick ph that is crap.

    Is Telstra that desperate for my money I took it back in less than 2 hrs and requested a refund they refused.

    They have confrmed I have a problem and are sending me yes wait for it a 3rd phone with a car kit as well.

    When will it stop all I wanted was moblie phone the same as my CDMA not a microsoft handset.

    If need mobile internet Iwould use me lap top it has a f-------------g keyboard.I also have 7.1 mp camera as well. Just want a phone is all.


    Wayne Bunbury
  • Telstra not sure if Next G works in the bush!!!!

    Pardon me, but is that not in itself an admission that it doesn't? I live in Tassie and have crap coverage and I am no teven in the outback!!!
  • Funny is in the reality

    Where we are in the bush we get bare but adequate coverage. 2km away on the main road: good coverage. 10km away in the nearest town: nothing.

    Obviously they can't reach everywhere in a country like Australia, but surely the towns!
  • Telstra for the Fail

    rofl! Epic Fail, lolzor my soxors at telstra!