Telstra: Now we are listening

Telstra: Now we are listening

Summary: Why did Telstra recently shut down its Now We Are Talking website? The problem, according to Telstra chief executive David Thodey, was that "the other guy left it running" and everyone had got sore throats from talking too much.


Why did Telstra recently shut down its Now We Are Talking website? The problem, according to Telstra chief executive David Thodey, was that "the other guy left it running" and everyone had got sore throats from talking too much.

Thodey tells our Ratbags correspondent that Telstra's on top of the internet situation in Australia and won't let it go down; even if we have to take unusual measures to keep it up.

Ratbags is's light-hearted look at the Australian technology scene. Previously, we've poked fun at Stephen Conroy's internet filtering scheme, Bing'd Google, investigated reports that the internet was going to run out of space, chased Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer all around Sydney, set fire to and microwaved a bunch of hard disks and asked people what they think of Windows 7 — or was it KDE4? We've even interviewed Fake Stephen Conroy in a hidden location.

Topics: Telcos, Broadband, Browser, Telstra

Liam Tung

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  • The new NWAT is even funnier than you guys, seriously!

    Nice job lads, but all jokes aside ...


    The mediator is Telstra biased beyond belief and IT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!

    I believe I have now had seven comments omitted (7 guesstimate, could be more) but the last 7.

    So since upsetting the impartial [sic] mediator with the truth (all Telstra people seem to hate the truth - hmmm) via my initial comments, which somehow snuck past the Telstra thought police - I am now 0 from 7.

    Yes they'll listen, "if you tell them what they want to hear"!
  • You're not alone

    The new NWAT site is a complete joke. In a way, it's good we don't have to read posts from Vasso, Fernado, Sydney and a handful of others whinging about their shares disguise as genuinely for the interests of all Australians.
  • Really Really Seriously Silly.

    RS with any respect due, considering the rubbish you write, it is a miracle NWAT publish any of your troglodyte insensibilities.
  • Wrongs and rights.

    Derek Nguyen it is so obvious that you write with the objective to damage an Australian company to advantage whatever foreign owned company you represent.
  • NWAT2 = joke

    Sydney will you ever grow up? Or take a step back from your disgraceful greed fuelled lunacy? If Telstra are listening, they need to hear it all, not just your gutlesss yes sir, I love Telstra crap 24/7.

    Here, a copy/paste of my last ommision. Note it is "on topic" in the "what makes a good corporate blog" forum...

    ..."Interesting Cr***! Let's talk about blogs, if you'll let me? Starting with this one!

    You won't post my "off topic" comments, even though they were simply referring to other's comments already posted, including one from Mr. Br**m (addition: official Telstra spokesman) and even yourself, because I was "outside the off topic guidelines". What about the more important guidelines?

    Guidelines as copied/pasted from herein (addition: NWAT2 guidelines) - "Contributors may not submit content that: is threatening, abusive, defamatory, indecent, menacing, harassing, offensive, infringes any person's intellectual property rights, including copyright, impersonates anyone, misrepresents a relationship with any person or organisation, encourages others to commit unlawful acts, harasses anyone or is unlawful in any way.

    R** Br**m says: Sep 11 at 9:19 am

    Excellent move Cr***. Please no more crazy posts about leeches, Xenophopes, Telstra "the most profitable company in the world", Telstra's network being "inherited". What a load of garbage from the Testra haters. Time to move forward"

    In my opinion, Mr. Br**m has broken pretty much, all your rules, but his comment was posted, curious?

    Crazy posts = abusive, menacing, harassing.

    Load of garbage = abusive, harassing, offensive.

    Telstra Haters = abusive, defamatory, menacing, harassing.

    Mr Br**m being a Telstra spokesman and not writing a disclaimer, also = misrepresents a relationship with any person or organization.

    But please clamp down on those "off topic", not so rosy Telstra comments"! {END}...

    As you can see, this is not a disrespectful comment, it is talking about corporate blogs (specifically NWAT2) and was simply comparing the rules some have to abide by an others do not.

    It was omitted... NWAT2 is a joke.
  • Mr Br**m

    RS if you are refering to Mr Br**m i can tell you a year ago I made a comment on NWAT and the above called me an idiot. I wrote back asked for an apology and received nothing. Then my post and his were gone.

    I was able to photo copy the insult and passed it on to Telstra HQ..gues what ...NO response..should I pass it to ACA and expose this Telstra employee?
  • The very same

    That's him Davo, typical.
  • I'm all for competition and better prices for consumers...

    Sydney, unlike you, i have no vested interest in any company. Wow, i thought the word "foreign" has already been awarded "word of the year" on NWAT, it's now making an appearance here again. Optus broadband prices are just as bad as Telstra, but a bit better. Unlike you, i do not support a company that continuously ripping off consumers left, right and center. Sydney, which company was it that didn't switch on the full speed of ADSL and leave the poor consumers with a max speed of 1.5mbps for a couple of years? So Sydney, tell me which company deliberately holding back Australia and screwed the consumers?
  • Aussies for Telstra.

    Derek come into the real world.

    Every company that ever existed has the objective to make profits. Without profits the company dies. I expect you must really be busy hounding every company in Australia because of their profit motives, or do you just concentrate on Telstra?

    RS you are most hurtful with your dogmatic insistence that I cease my defence of Australia's Telstra. Your comments referring to NWAT may be somewhat premature in so far as the final form that NWAT will take has not been formulated, at least not publicly presented.

    I have appealed to NWAT however, to allow a more vigorous debate and to let comments be presented provided they are endeavouring to be of assistance to Telstra and where these comments are critical, they are constructive and genuine.
  • NWAT

    Really Telstra should move on. “NWAT” should be called “TWAT” because that's all it is.
    It's unfortunate in the extreme that Telstra is utilising the tobacco lobby methods of manipulating public opinion and creating misinformation. We well understand why the tobacco industry does this - they have a carcinogenic product that's being abolished across the planet, but what is Telstra's motivation? Why the degrees of misinformation and propaganda? What exactly are they trying to hide?
  • Guys, guys!

    Guys, guys! Calm down! We posted a funny. Not supposed to be a topic for serious, ranty discussion ;)


    Renai LeMay
    News Editor
  • Aw, c'mon, Renai

    After all, it seems that everything Sydneylala and the rest of that troupe come up with could only be considered as a (poor) attempt at humour.

    Surely they couldn't expect anyone to take them seriously?
  • Blackmail has no place.

    Simon your comments above are so off the mark as to be instantly dismissed as uneducated chatter.

    Firstly be advised that the new Telstra management is keeping an extremely low profile, despite advice from Telstra shareholders to stand up for the company and take action that would expose, by newspaper, radio and television, the government blackmail to every Australian.

    Your pathetic hatred of Telstra is of course motivated by the fact that your financial interests lie in other directions and you would do yourself a service if you were to be so genuine as to admit this fact.

    It is to be hoped that a win,win result can be attained by Telstra and government but if this is not possible Telstra and Telstra owners and Telstra employees must go all out to defend and protect this great Australian company.
  • Ho Ho and Ha Ha.

    OK Renai see your point. The video was very good and much appreciated.
  • Video

    hehe cheers Sydney :) We aim to please.

    Who do you think we should satirise next?

    News Editor
  • Goodbye Stephen.

    Renai I would not be so cruel as to suggest whom you should turn your obviously serene but devastatingly critical focus on next.

    On reflection though, how about Stephen Conroy?
  • @Aussies for Telstra

    Sydney, if I have offended you, I apologise. I do not have a gripe against you personally. Particularly as you have mostly, remained respectful! Unlike your very odd, evil Sydney twin!

    But where have I ever asked you to stop supporting Telstra? What I have said is, "come clean and admit you only support Telstra and no one else, because of the wife's portfolio". You say Aussie yeah, but "disparage" all Aussie ISP's, except the company your wife has shares in, Telstra. Convenient coincidence?

    As for NWAT2, I agree with you and your latest comment there. If NWAT2 was done so that "everyone was allowed their say (within reason)" it would be beneficial. But it won't happen and that has been so clearly shown, that even those such as you, who only yesterday blamed my troglodyte content, can now see!

    The over zealous mediator says this is the interim Syd and not NWAT, we just want to know what people want? Well, if he were "listening" he would have heard both the Telstra supporters and those like me (Telstra bashers says the other highly paid "Telstra spokesman" - what a pro) for once, telling them the exact same thing!

    Seriously, keeping our obvious differences aside and looking at my comment sent to NWAT2, on its merits alone Sydney, do you believe it should have been omitted? Perhaps you now see my frustration (x7)?

    But what are they afraid of? Is Cr**g that worried about his job that he's too scared to discuss the issues, warts and all, with a novice like me? You'll go toe to toe with me Sydney, but the highly paid expert, is too afraid? I even said in one of my comments that I understand guidelines are needed for the new NWAT but surely, just a little argy-bargy should be allowed, to encourage open discussion and more participants.

    Guess what? That comment was omitted too, lol! They are listening; sure they are [sic]?

    Alas I just went back to NWAT 2 (greed haven 2) and again you have back flipped on the above criticising of NWAT 2 and are sycophantically sucking up to them as usual Sydney.

    So perhaps this comment was for nothing after all! ...

    And just when I thought you'd finally grown a pair?
  • Again?

    Again? I guess it's only fair.
  • Wrong Sydney

    I have no hatred of Telstra, after all it is just a registered business name.

    I do have a dislike for the way Telstra has manipulated and contrained the market in Australia for the past 15 years. I have a problem with the corrupt practices of the past US management. I have a problem with the treatment of employees and customers for the past decade. I have a problem with Telstra lieing to me over a range of service issues and especially their dishonest refusal to provision my dsl pair.

    I am in no way motivated by financial interests in any telco or ISP. I (and my super) do not have any Telstra, Optus or AAPT shares. My only motivation is that Australia has the best telecomms outcomes possible.

    Until Telstra is structurally separated, then ALL Australians are paying a heavy penalty to prop up a few greedy Telstra shareholders. Telstra were given a chance (10 years!) but have blown it big time.
  • ...............NWAT is even funnier than you guys, seriously!

    The reason why they omit your comments, is because you openly display the fact that you are an absolute moron.