Telstra restricts iPhone supply lines

Telstra restricts iPhone supply lines

Summary: The nation's biggest telco Telstra today said it would sell Apple's 3G iPhone in just 15 stores nationwide from Friday morning, including only one store in Sydney.

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The nation's biggest telco Telstra today said it would sell Apple's 3G iPhone in just 15 stores nationwide from Friday morning, including only one store in Sydney.

A list distributed by the company said its T-Life branded stores in George St (Sydney) and Bourke St (Melbourne) would open at 6am on Friday 11 July to sell the iPhone to early customers. Normally the stores open at 8am.

The shortlist of Telstra sites selling the iPhone raises questions about whether the telco has received a limited allocation of the phone, which could lead to stock shortages. "Stocks in the first week will be limited so the best bet is to head in early," said Telstra spokesman Peter Taylor.

Telecommunications analyst Paul Budde said he was sure there would be significant pent-up demand for the iPhone.

"In such a hype situation nobody knows what is going to happen," he said. "If the hype proves to be hype, there will be enough phones, but if there is a real rush then they might have a problem."

Competitor Optus will open its Sydney store six hours earlier (at midnight), but only to supply those who have already paid a deposit to buy an iPhone. Vodafone is also planning launch events in Sydney early Friday morning.

Gartner research director Robin Simpson said it was hard to tell about shortages until the iPhone went on sale, but there was no doubt the initial shipment wouldn't be as big as most would like.

The analyst suspected Telstra could be limiting the amount of stores because it had to properly train staff to activate the iPhone when customers bought them.

"Apple is usually fairly strict about retail training," he said. "It might just be a pragmatic consideration."

Telstra will also sell the iPhone from some 13 other stores nationwide, in the following areas:

  • Canberra Centre in Bunda St, Canberra, ACT
  • Macquarie St in Dubbo, NSW
  • Casuarina Shopping Centre, NT
  • Todd Mall in Alice Springs, NT
  • Queen St Mall in Brisbane, QLD
  • Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore, QLD
  • Marion shopping centre in Oaklands, SA
  • Bathurst St in Hobart, TAS
  • Moorabool St in Geelong, VIC
  • Chadstone shopping centre, Dandenong, VIC
  • Westfield Doncaster in Doncaster, VIC
  • Hannan St in Kalgoorlie, WA
  • Morley Galleria in Collier Road, Morley, WA

Telstra spokesman Peter Taylor said the telco's move to sell the iPhone nationwide meant regional Australians would not be left out of the launch and would be amongst the first to buy the iPhone in Australia.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, Telcos, Telstra

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  • Data pricing ripoff

    Don't worry ... you can't afford to use an iPhone with Telstra anyway.

    Their default data tariff is $10/Mb . I know - I was just charged it for 5Mb of data this month. Ouch!

    Even on a data plan the charges are $2/Mb for "excess". As a $10/month plan gets you 20Mb, excess isn't hard to achieve.

    The very idea of using an Internet-oriented phone like the iPhone with Telstra is laughable. It's quite bad enough with my N95 when I want to use basic web browsing, email, AGPS, etc.

    I recently did some calculations while negotiating with my Telstra rep at work, and found that Telstra's data prices are six to twelve times those of Three (within pack limits) and much more again for excess charges.
  • Selective thought's

    Sure why not compare a $10 basic plan with Telstra and a high usage plan with the other companies. You would have to be off your brain to not get a GB based plan if you intend on using the device for data.

    A 1GB plan at $50 (can't be bothered checking the actual costs) this translates to 20MB/$.

    Sure Telstra is more expensive based on a simple GB per $ but when you analyse the coverage and speeds available many people are still willing to pay the higher charges to get the service.

    I have a Telstra JasJam and a 1GB plan, I never go near this because most of the sites I visit are not metered. Because of all the content they give for free I could probably get away with only a 20MB plan.
  • Chalk and cheese.

    Yes I know Craig I had the same experience the other day when I went in to order my Bentley. That SOB demanded that I pay a lot more than I paid for my Holden.
  • Regional Australia?

    The last time I looked Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, which are only one hour or so apart, are not in regional Australia. Don't release the iPhone in regional Queensland then Telstra, but for christ sake don't say that regional Australians will be among the first to own an iPhone. Dubbo is the only location that is regional on that list. Die Telstra, die...
  • iPhone hype

    For me -they can stick it altogether- Telstra's pricing is prohibitive for web based phones, but who else has coverage in fairly remote areas.
    You be doomed if you do and doomed if you don't
    That is the problem if you live in a 1st world country with a3dr world communication system
  • Very selective thoughts

    I've been watching people trying to justify Telstra's costs due to their "coverage and speeds" for a while now, but I can't help but feel there's going to be just a tiny bit of resentment tomorrow when Telstra officially announce their plans

    If the apparent price leak today is anything to go by I'd say Telstra is on the verge of royally screwing its customers one too any times.

    They're not even making their pricing official until tomorrow morning where they expect customers to already be lined up and bending over. $85 per month for 5MB of data?? Yes I'm sure Telstra users are going to be happy using their shiny new iPhones with NextG's "superior speeds and coverage" on that plan. Or you could always spend $5 more and go the $90 plan to get a whopping 15MB upgrade, then you could be like Carlo and only use your iPhone to access the bigpond homepage.
  • T-Life Melbourne iPhone Launch

    Check out the video of the 3G iPhone launch in Melbourne at