Telstra shareholders fear break up: Video

Telstra shareholders fear break up: Video

Summary: What do Telstra shareholders think of the telco's new CEO David Thodey? And would they support the government's plan to separate Telstra? asked shareholders these questions at the company's annual general meeting this week.


What do Telstra shareholders think of the telco's new CEO David Thodey? And would they support the government's plan to separate Telstra? asked shareholders these questions at the company's annual general meeting this week.

Going into this week's Telstra AGM, one may have wondered whether the company's shareholders would embrace the leadership team of David Thodey and Catherine Livingstone or pine for a return to the days of Trujillo.

The resounding response was that many of the shareholders are more than pleased with Thodey, but also far from pleased with the government's plans for its separation.

There were calls to "throw the government out" by shareholders because it "couldn't care less" about Telstra or its shareholders. While some were open to the possibility that splitting Telstra could be good for the nation, there was deep-seated fear and distrust of a government that had a "hidden agenda".

Shareholder fears appeared to stem from a belief that they were being kept in the dark over the government's negotiations with Telstra. One shareholder said that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy had not yet explained how a win-win outcome could be achieved.

And for avid contributors to's feedback, keep an eye out for a certain prolific commenter that makes an appearance during this video.

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  • Beauty skin deep.

    Liam and Chris excellent report well put together and presented.

    My only criticism is why did you have to look so good on camera thereby making it so difficult for others who do not posses your glamour.
  • anon

    Sydney - you looked like you were ready to hop on your cruise ship with that shirt....
    Good to see you getting your 15 minutes of fame.
    I look forward to the post-separation follow-up interview.
    When the share price goes up as a result, you will say that you recommended a split all along no doubt!!
    Somewhat like your flip-flopping in your opinion on the El Trujillo
  • the gist

    so the general gist from shareholders interviewed basically want the status quo to continue and to keep Telstra as is... wow what a surprise

    "all these people that want to rip it apart have ulterior motives and that's a good way of wrecking a successful company"

    hmmm hiring a bunch of idiots to run the company did that rather nicely...

    I genuinely feel sorry for Thodey as I think he is a great CEO who actually listens and has 1/2 a clue... unlike the other lot... problem is that Telstra has pushed the gov too far for too long... and this is the result.... shareholders only really have the previous bunch of idiots to blame for their low share value and the direction that the Government is undertaking. It could have been so different, but what has been done in the past can not be changed so its time to move on!

    no body knows what the "true" discussions are between the gov and Telstra but time will tell... everything else is pie-in-the-sky stuff, scaremongering etc!
  • Whoa Sydney...

    B*tchin' Sydney, with the bling and all.

    But with all respect, are you Barry Mannilow's brother, George Michael's father or the long lost Bee Gee?
  • Sydney's 15 minutes goes on

    Nice shirt Sydney Lawrence!

    You are giving David Thodey a hard time near the start of this clip:
  • ahhhh Sydney..

    what's with the blings? i can see why you don't want Telstra split...