Telstra Sydney protest: Photos

Telstra Sydney protest: Photos

Summary: Two of Telstra's unions commenced industrial action this week; this gallery documents a protest held on Tuesday morning outside Telstra's Elizabeth St, Sydney office, during the strike.


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  • Telstra's Elizabeth, Sydney offices loomed overhead as the protest kicked off on Tuesday morning at 10am.

    (Image credit: Renai LeMay/

  • Protesting workers and union staff gathered in Hyde Park below, at the War Memorial end of the park.

    (Image credit: Renai LeMay/

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  • great turnout

    20 people, 1 lamington and a few stupid comments on a card. That's what they get for paying their $200 per year in union fees. Lets all just hope they were not paid for their day in the park.
  • Blind leading the Blind.

    It is unfortunate that those who are so easily led are usually the losers in life. The Unions, who are supposed to look after the best interests of the workers, should be leading protests to the Rudd Government on the NBN ban on Telstra which could see many jobs lost at Telstra.
  • Huh?

    Seriously - where was everyone? CEPU said there were 200 people there.
  • YEAH

    Probably a lot of workers are now contractors who have no rights at work at all. The remainder couldnt careless because its a matter of time before their jobs get contracted out as well. Eventually Telstra will just be a company with a few thousand core workers and the rest will be filled by contractor staff so that protests like these cannot happen.