Telstra trims prices to attract SMBs

Telstra trims prices to attract SMBs

Summary: Telstra today announced it has "cut prices and simplified" its business broadband plans.


Telstra today announced it has "cut prices and simplified" its business broadband plans.

"We understand how important fast, consistent, business-grade broadband is for small business, which is why we've updated Telstra Business Broadband plans to make them simpler and better," said Telstra business executive director Brian Harcourt in a statement today.

The carrier has lowered the prices for all its plans or offered increased download limits. The unlimited option, however, remains unchanged. The telco has also offered discounts and incentives to eligible customers who bundle their business services.

Telstra announced that excess data changes have been halved and capped at $400 per month. The telecommunications company has also announced that existing connections "are now [on] high speed ADSL where available".

"Nine out of 10 Australian small businesses now regard broadband as an integral part of its day-to-day business," said Harcourt, citing the 2009 results of a Sensis e-Business Survey. The survey outlined broadband's increasing role in providing communications between businesses, customers and suppliers.

Telstra pricing

Is the price right?
Screenshot of Telstra Business plans(Screenshot by Colin Ho/ZDNet Australia)

Telstra's major competitor Optus has also attempted to grab a slice of the SMB market last week, launching a range of mobile broadband plans with rebates of up to $300 for customers who sign up on 12-month contracts.

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  • I don't care what they do to their pricing, I will never go back to them!

    They tricked me in to having them as a client, then forced me to pay a $300 early termination fess when they did not provide what the prick on the phone said I would get!!!
  • Sorry, that should have been having me as their client!
  • no thanks, their service is lousy and disorganised and still waaaaaaaaay overpriced, telstra can talk to me when they hand out 100GB for $30