Ten tips for working from home: Olympics edition

Ten tips for working from home: Olympics edition

Summary: The London 2012 Olympics is going to be a huge working-from-home experiment for many organisations. Here are some tips on making it go smoothly


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  • Home working

    2. Have the right kit

    Working from a laptop slumped in an armchair is probably fine for one day, but for prolonged working from home you're going to need better kit. A mouse, keyboard and if possible a monitor — and a decent chair — will make the experience less painful.

    Also, don't forget the paperwork: if you rely on physical files or documents, make sure you have them or access to them. And if you are removing sensitive data from the office environment, make sure it is properly protected — by encryption, for example

  • Cloud

    3. Let the cloud take the strain...

    While the Olympics itself won't risk using the cloud, this could still be a good opportunity to test out cloud-based technology yourself. If you are working from home or other locations, cloud storage might make sense (although bear in mind the need to sufficiently protect sensitive company data).

  • Man in field

    4. ...but still have a backup plan

    Earlier this year, the Olympic organisers were warning of internet outages arising from the huge number of people going online during the Games — to watch events, for example. While these warnings may have been downplayed, with the huge numbers working from home it's wise to assume that at some point you may find your broadband failing when the entire street starts streaming Olympic video.

    So make sure you have some work that doesn't rely on a network connection to keep you busy — and the boss happy — until you get back online.

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