Ten tips for working from home: Olympics edition

Ten tips for working from home: Olympics edition

Summary: The London 2012 Olympics is going to be a huge working-from-home experiment for many organisations. Here are some tips on making it go smoothly


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    5. Don't forget about your colleagues

    Having some kind of virtual meeting during the day can help keep team morale high and give some structure to the day. This is important especially when working outside of the office for long periods of time. There is a reason why people like working in offices — interaction and having someone to discuss ideas with is an important element in working efficiently.

    Test a number of different ways of keeping in touch with the rest of your team and work out which are best. Email, instant messenger, Twitter or a Google+ hangout might all work well for different types of teams — make sure you've tested them and have everyone's contact details before you leave.

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  • Playful businessman

    6. Set boundaries...

    Working remotely can generate a new set of distractions — cats, the washing-up, the Olympics on TV — that aren't (usually) a problem in the office. And if there are other people in your home during the working day, it's tempting for them to try and lure you away from working.

    So set boundaries — make it clear that you are working by sticking to set hours, by shutting yourself away or by even putting on your work clothes.

  • Sisyphus

    7. ...but don't be a slave to the home office

    Just because you can work at 6am or 11pm (or both), it doesn't mean that you should. Working from home is not the same as working all the time. Just as you set boundaries for when you can work, make sure you have a clear point at which you stop work too.

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