Thanks for the gadgets

Thanks for the gadgets

Summary: It's been a great ride and now I must say goodbye.

TOPICS: iPhone

Today is my last day writing for ZDNet.

I wanted to write a personal thank you to you, the readers, and to my co-author, Matt Miller, and of course the fine folks at ZDNet, including my editor, David Grober. ZDNet has given me a place to call home, where I could write about anything I wanted, anytime I wanted.

If you don't know my history, I founded in 1996. I met Matt Miller in 2001 and we have been writing together ever since. When I sold in 2007, Matt offered me a place to write at ZDNet, if I ever needed it. I took him up on his offer a couple of years later, and it has been a great ride.

If you're interested in keeping up with me, I'm at @joelgeek on twitter, and I'll be writing for my employer, Mobiquity.

Thanks again for challenging me and keeping me honest all of these years.

Topic: iPhone

Joel Evans

About Joel Evans

With more than 15 years of mobile, Internet and wireless experience, Joel specializes in taking existing brands and technologies into the mobile and wireless space. Joel is currently the VP of Strategy Integration for Mobiquity, an enterprise-class mobile solutions provider.

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  • Have fun!

    Have fun in your next endeavor.
  • Another writer leaving ZDNet.

    Take care Joel.
  • Thanks for the gadgets

    Good luck with your future plans.
    • Gee why isn't he taking you with him?

      They'll probably need a new village idiot where's he's going and YOU qualify.
      • Then you'd be put out of a job

        if he became the new Village Idiot.
        William Farrel
  • Is there a reason for so mang good bye notes of late?

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • A few fine bloggers are leaving ZDNet currently. Coincidence?

      Or, it could be "Spring Cleaning" time. I always hated "performance review" time during my career days. Fortunately, I survived them all.
      • Sadly, it seems that a new breed of writers are being brought in

        far less fact, far more flame.

        Why be content with bloggers that bring in 30 replies on a good review or blog, when a great flame war blog gets 60 or more?

        I hope we continue to see the likes of Ed, Jason, Robin and others for quite some time.

        Good Luck in the future, Joel. I'm sure we'll see your work across the net at other places.
        William Farrel
  • Joel just couldn't do clickbaits and trollicles like Steven Nichols

    Best of luck, Joel!
  • Its sad to see another of ZDnets best writer's leave

    I wish you luck in your next endeavor
  • sorry tohear you are leaving

    i hope you do well in all of your endevers.peace dude
  • Thanks for all the fish!

    Best of luck to you, Joel. I followed you from to ZDnet and have enjoyed reading you all these years.