The brighter, more colorful Google+ (Gallery)

The brighter, more colorful Google+ (Gallery)

Summary: Google has radically reworked the Google+ interface. Here's what it looks like in 2013.


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  • Don't like all those Google+ columns?

    If you really can't stand the Google+ multiple columns, you can switch to a single column look. As you can see, however, it's not very attractive. 

  • The new Google+'s one real weak point.

    Linus Torvalds, inventor of a little thing called Linux, points out that Google+ has one real weakness: It's current default font is awful. 

  • Google+ now includes automatic hashtags

    Hashtags, as any Twitter user knows, can be very useful. Trying to figure out the right hashtag can be a pain, so Google+, under the direction of the developer who came up with the notion for Twitter, has automated hashtag selection. You can still add them in by hand, but this new mode will make hashtags as important on Google+, if not more so, than they are on Twitter. 

Topics: Social Enterprise, Google, Networking

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  • Google Sucks, They keep Medical Political Religious & Sexual Records on Me

    Not only collect and store, they want to share it with third parties.

    As long as they collect "Sensitive Personal Information", I would not consider using a Google Service.

    In their Privacy Policy they state:
    We will share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Google when we have your consent to do so. We require opt-in consent for the sharing of any sensitive personal information.

    They define Sensitive Personal Information as:
    This is a particular category of personal information relating to confidential medical facts, racial or ethnic origins, political or religious beliefs or sexuality.
    • I do not use Google ...

      for medical, political, religious and sexual(?) information. Why do you?

      Sexual? Hmm. I am trying to imagine what personal sexual information I might let Google in on. I think most of that I keep in my head. Google does not have access to my head - yet.
      • What you never Google porn??

        Use Gmail, Google Voice or Chat? Ever send or receive anything mentioning religious or medical topics in a Google service? Ever post a political comment on a blog. If so Google knows.

        Have you ever visited a site or read online news related to any of Google's "Sensitive Personal Information" topics? Did the site have Google Analytics, DoubleClick, or Ad Sense? If so Google knows.

        They may not guess right about your proclivities, but anyone with a subpena can find out and use it against you.

        All linked with your mere personal information Name, Address, Phone Number, the answers to security questions.

        Use Google Chrome? Ever use Chrome's spell check? If so Google has every form submission you ever made while Spell Check or Translations is enabled.

        Got an Android phone or Google Voice? They know every call date, time, duration, and incoming and outgoing number. With Google Voice they know the contents of every conversation and message.
        • Bing is for those who wanna...

          ...get to malware sites.

          Now it's a paradox. Those using Linux are using mostly Google. Those using Windows are using Bing (as default). It's kamikaze to have Windows&Bing combination.
          Napoleon XIV
          • Well Mr. Napoleon Complex XIV

            I use Bing, I do not use any anti-virus software, I have been using XP which back in 2006 I disable all Windows Updates. I have never encountered any malware.

            Not exactly what the malware industry and their FUD want you to know. If you do not open zip files attached to your email and do not visit child porn sites, the World is a much safer place than those that want to part fools from their money would like you to believe.

            I am not saying anti-virus software has no place. There are those that do not know better than to download and run a malware scanner when a dialog box pops up and tells them a virus was discovered on their PC and they need the scan.

            I do not have Java installed on my PC. When I do visit non-main stream sites such as when I am doing security research I first turn off javascript.

            If I land on as site that cannot be rendered without javascript enabled, I am confident they lack the knowledge where I could possibly learn anything from them.
      • Wonder No More, Transvestites

        My porn of choice.
      • When my Doctor writes a prescription

        I Bing the Drug. Even though I know Google Search is better than Bing, I use MS because they do not have as many ways like Analytics, DoubleClick, Ad Sense. I do not use IE either.

        It's a bitch knowing what these guys do and having think about it everywhere you go on the Web.

        If I was really paranoid I'd use a proxy. But I refuse to use Google services because I am principled and refuse to have anything to do with Jackals. I have no credit cards for the same reason.
      • D.T. Long In Case You Missed It

        See my posts about you on the "Google I/O by the numbers: 900 million Android activations" blog.
  • Work-From-Home Scams

    Those people who posted this are trolls. I wonder if it will be way too hard for moderators to banish scams for good...
    Grayson Peddie