The future of the desktop: webinar

The future of the desktop: webinar

Summary: Check out ZDNet Australia's webinar on the future of the desktop.

TOPICS: Hardware, Reviews

In November of last year, ZDNet Australia conducted a live panel discussion that focused on the future of the desktop.

Then, on 6 December, we presented a live webinar entitled "Modernising the Desktop", where we talked with futurist Morris Mselowski to get his thoughts on future user interfaces. Leading Morris through the presentation was Twisted Wire host Phil Dobbie. Here are just some of the points discussed:

  • Physical workspace-tied desktops will not be the default work area
  • Project and task-driven projects
  • Data retrieval and information access will not be linear and hierarchical, but semantic and driven by intent and need
  • Tomorrow's workspace managers will need to know how to juggle all these new "workspaces"

You can watch and listen to that webinar by clicking on the window above.

If you've got thoughts on what the desktop of the future will look like, please leave your comments in the Talkback section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Topics: Hardware, Reviews

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