The rebirth of Commodore USA (Podcast)

The rebirth of Commodore USA (Podcast)

Summary: ZDNet Sr. Technology Editor Jason Perlow interviews Barry Altman, the CEO of Commodore USA.

TOPICS: Hardware, PCs

Jason Perlow interviews Barry Altman, the CEO and founder of Commodore USA, and discusses the rebirth of the legendary Commdore 64, the new Amiga product line, and the future of integrated keyboard PCs.

Please use the embedded player above to listen to the podcast, or download from Castfire in MP3 format.

Be sure to see the Commodore 64: Back to the Future gallery that accompanies this podcast.


Topics: Hardware, PCs


Jason Perlow, Sr. Technology Editor at ZDNet, is a technologist with over two decades of experience integrating large heterogeneous multi-vendor computing environments in Fortune 500 companies. Jason is currently a Partner Technology Strategist with Microsoft Corp. His expressed views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  • Do They Have Any Patents?

    Maybe they could sue all the companies making actual products these days for shameless theft of their Intellectual Property. Because that seems to be the only way for US-based companies to make money these days...
  • All Hail Commodore!

    The industry needs *true innovators* and pedigree back (i'm talking to you Cupertino).

    I'm pretty sure i'm not alone in saying the new generation C64 goes right to the top of many a 'must have' shopping lists.

    Welcome back Commodore!
    • WHAT !!!

      "True innovators", "Pedigree" !!!

      Hmmm... let me see "True innovator", oh sure a guy who sells off the shelf PC parts in a "replica" C64 case running a free C64 emulator and charging a small fortune for it... Yup that's really "innovative"...

      "Pedigreee"... Yup some pedigree Barry Altmans got, steals others artwork to promote his products, makes racist insults on Amiga forums, talks about and make insults about peoples wives and sex lives on Amiga forums etc... etc...

      I hate to break it to you but "Commodore" are not back, you are confusing a company called Commodore USA LLC with the real Commodore brand. Commodore USA (CUSA) are in no way affiliated with with the original Commodore and have merely purchased a licence to use the Commodore name to sell their overpriced off the shelf parts PC's that happen to run a free C64 emulator which they charge mugs a small fortune for...

      I also doubt their C64x is at the top of many folks "must have" lists, how many have they actually sold again !!!

      If you want to buy such a product then feel free but please don't try and associate CUSA with any REAL Commodore products as they are neither genuine Commodore products nor indeed are they "innovative" or have any "pedigree" associated with them...
      • Seconded

      • Frankooo8 .. does it matter who brings the brand name back?

        Just so long as C64 gets to be revived? ... does it matter whether it's the original creator or someone who realizes that it is still a loved, iconic brand - and will bring it back so a new generation of youngsters can at least get to feel what the original 'kinda' looked & felt like to use?

        You're can get all negative and cynical all you like - but i'm entitled to see the positive side of rejuvenating a computing brand classic - no matter who is doing the rejuvenating.

        Your score today: -100
    • Well sort of

      Until you realize they want $1200 for an ATOM based C64.
  • Whence the Podcast?

    OK, who stole the podcast?

    And, by the way, when it does get restored, it would be really wonderful to have a "download" option for those of us who cannot afford a high speed connection. Pretty please!
  • Re: Whence the Podcast?

    Thanks for the link, Jason! Listening now (and learning a lot more than Franko, et. al. would want anyone to hear).
    • Dear Billsey...

      Ahh Billsey...

      I have listened to Barry's wee fairy tale all the way through to the end and the only thing I've learned is that he's still the king of spin & BS when it comes to promoting his company... (nothing new there eh)... ;-)

      You take from it what you want but as we all know from your posts on Moobunny you do believe in BS & fairy tales, so again no surprises there either...

      But if CUSA products are really so good, then how come you've never actually bought one !!!
  • Not Me !!!

    I owned a small computer store in the late 80's. We were an authorized service center for Commodore Computers. They burned me every way they could, from withholding payment to offering no help or support at all. From my standpoint as a small business owner, Commodore dying was the best thing that could happen. I'll NEVER have anything to do with that name again.
  • If he's not from the people who bought the name and logo of "Commodore"

  • really

    What a load of tripe. Did the interviewer actually do any kind of research into these computers or cusa?

    The mini is a wesena mini itx case that has been laser etched. Original price is $70 cusa price $295. The mio is a rebadged zotac mini pc. Without the commodore branding its $200 cheaper and the slim is a great wall rebadged all in one.

    The only original product is the c64x. But do you want to spend over a thousand dollars on a atom based computer? Personally I would rather throw my money at apple. Its still a rip off but at least its more powerful than the c64x.
  • Really

    Just because we can some people on Amiga forums have already started pointing out these "commodore" cases are over priced. Somone actually made the system using the original Wesena case and even sorted out heating issues that were noted about the CUSA version before the pre-built version was pulled on the old forums deleted.

    This post was deleted not long later. Still think spending $300 on a case that is really worth $70 is value for money?
  • R.I.P.

    Rest in peace Barry....