The Retina iPad mini rumor just turned the Nexus 7 into a frozen turkey

The Retina iPad mini rumor just turned the Nexus 7 into a frozen turkey

Summary: Apple realized that it stood to lose millions in iPad sales to the new Nexus 7 2 with its flashy high-resolution screen and it leaked the Retina iPad mini story to the WSJ to freeze the market. Competition is a great thing, my friend.

The Retina iPad mini rumor just turned the Nexus 7 into a frozen turkey - Jason O'Grady

After months of rumors suggesting that Apple wouldn't release a "Retina" iPad mini this year, the Wall Street Journal published a new rumor that the company would indeed release a Retina iPad in Q4 2013 after all — a complete turnaround.

Why, you ask? The answer is actually pretty simple. But first, some background is in order.

Apple used to be extremely predictable with its mobile hardware announcements:

  • iPhones were announced in June (in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) 
  • iPads were announced in April (in 2010, 2011, and 2012)

Samsung and Google would bank on Apple's clockwork-like schedule and release new models with new features that were better than Apple's a couple of months later.

Then Apple wised up and dropped its traditional April and June schedule:

  • The iPhone 4 was announced in January 2011 and the iPhone 5 was announced in September 2012
  • The iPad mini and iPad 4 which were both announced in October 2012

Although the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5C could still drop in September, Google couldn't wait until October to see what Apple would do with its next iPad, so it had to announce first.

On July 24, 2013, Google announced the successor to the Nexus 7 tablet, with an upgraded 1920 x 1200 pixel (323 PPI) screen, a jump from 1290 x 800 pixels (216 PPI) screen on the 2012 model. The screen has been getting high marks from critics and stealing mind share from the iPad mini's (non-Retina) 1024-by-768 pixel (163 PPI) screen. Which is admittedly anemic in comparison.

Then 8 days after the Nexus 7 2 reveal there's a new rumor (from WSJ, no less) that Apple would indeed release a Retina iPad mini this year after all. That's no accident, my friend. 

Apple realized that it stood to lose millions in iPad sales to the new Nexus 7 2 with its flashy high-resolution screen and it leaked the Retina iPad mini story to the WSJ to freeze the market. The rumor will slow Nexus 7 2 sales to a crawl because most intelligent consumers will wait for the Apple announcement before buying a Nexus 7. Especially those with iTunes accounts.

I'm a huge fan of the iPad mini form factor and definitely felt seduced by Google's new hotness, but I'd definitely wait a month or two to see what Cupertino has up its sleeve for the September/October time frame.

You'd be crazy to buy a Nexus 7 2 before seeing what Apple has to offer!

We owe the fact that we'll probably see a Retina iPad mini in the fall to Google. I'm certain that if it weren't for the Nexus 7 2 Apple would have release a non-Retina iPad mini in the fall with a modest processor and camera bump making us wait until 2014 for the Retina version (and banking on the fact that a large segment of die hards would by both models). I'd bet my house on it. 

Competition is a good thing my friend. (And good luck to Google selling all those frozen turkeys.)

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  • Not buying into the Apple ecosystem.

    "You'd be crazy to buy a Nexus 7 2 before seeing what Apple has to offer!"

    Only if you already own Apple products.
    • I'm just surprised Apple has carried on so long.

      Really, I am.
      • Well.. one reason...

        The press has a massively disproportionate ratio of Apple users in it. Check out the 'what's in your bag' section at Verge - exactly the same kit: MacBook Air or Pro, iPhone, iPad, hipster sunglasses, Moleskin notebook (because you know - the iPad is such a good replacement for a notepad), mints and a charger. If the guy is a photographer, a big a** DSLR because 'mirrorless' cameras are too bourgeois. Serious - go check. :)

        Which this much free positive press, one is left believing everyone uses Apple products.
        • Everyone uses Apple products?

          Of course you are correct everyone does not use Apple Products. Those individuals are known as members of the 3rd world.

          For those of you that can't see humor let me add - This is a joke _
          • rofl replying with a brand new Nexus 7

            IPad mini with retina display is simply not an option. And I live in the US and travel the world over.

            IOs is only for those that like to follow the leader and think that over paying for something gives them status.

            We will evaluate the new mini with IOs 7. Though until it can do everything Android has been doing for years now, it can only qualify as an overpriced toy.

            The retina display is just following what Nexus 7 already has. IOs7 notifications, multitasking, and 3d screens is just trying to catch up to what Android has had for years, by blatantly copying Android.

            So if you want to pay for am over priced copy cat toy, go ahead and purchase a mini. In the mean time, Android will keep on eroding IOS market share.
          • I agree!

            This article fails to mention that the new Nexus has a better screen than the IPAD retina, so putting it in the IPAD mini still means that Apple hasn't caught up, it's still way overpriced and is selling to Apple fadnatics and people who really don't understand what they are buying. They aren't selling to sensible everyday ordinary people who value their money and do careful accurate comparisons.
            Laurentian Enterprises
          • In early 2013

            Tim Cook trashed OLED displays, but hinted that they may be working on "perfecting" them. If their new mini had a 'revolutionary' OLED display, that would certainly be a differentiator.

            The only other tablets with Super AMOLED displays are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Toshiba Excite 7.7 (which I own). I don't care how many pixels you have on an LCD a Super AMOLED display is superior so just get over it. I can't distinguish the blacks from the bezel surrounding the screen.

            Unfortunately Toshiba didn't do a very good job marketing them, but that doesn't change their clear superiority.
          • Education

            I agree. Give an Android tablet to an Apple Fanatic and just see how he fairs. I doubt any AF would have a clue how to use an Android tablet, how to set it up, get the latest OS update, set up mail, view video on a screen. NO, no, no. All they know how to do is simple old Apple stuff. Easy peasy, even and Android person can set up Apple stuff, its so simple and stupid.

            Now Android, you never get bored with. Everything is different from Apple and all you have to do is go to Android sites and all the smart Android type people are there to help you get your tablet working. Apple people can't even do that with their pads. They have to go to an Apple Store or phone Apple support or call some friend for help or they can just turn the iPad on and it just works. Where's the challenge, Apple Fools. Meh!
          • Education

            Haha, so let me get this straight..You're argument is that because it takes Android sites and Android type people just to help you set up an Android tablet (which sounds like a lot of work and complication for the casual user) that makes it superior because it's more complicated?

            I'm not an Apple fantatic but I do own an iPhone and work with Apple products on a daily basis. The simplicity of not fooling around with OS fares far better to the majority of ppl then it does to the smaller nerd percentage of ppl constantly tweaking an Android OS.

            You're argument is foolish and contradictory by saying having to go Android sites & work with Android ppl is any different then calling Apple support or going to Apple Store.

            Complication doesn't make it a better product than simplicity.
          • Nonsense..

            People don't tweak an OS in regard to Android. Very small amounts of people do, the majority of people just use an Android device, install their apps, set them up just the same as you on an iPhone. I use all the ecosystems, and from an end-user perspective, they all are easy to use and provide the majority of same functionality.

            I wish people would saying.."nerds tweaking OS's, or Androids have to be tinkered with to use." It's silly, and wrong.
          • Don't argue with a droid ego

            You are arguing with an irrational.. It takes nothing more then logging into your Google/GMail account to get setup on a Nexus 7. Its actually ridiculously easy to get started on one.

            Jellybean Android is the first real threat to iOS, in terms of simplicity and UI fluidity. It can't be dismissed, and even Apple knows it
          • Makes no sense

            This comment makes no sense. What you're saying is that Android is vastly more complicated to use than iOS. How is that a good thing? I'd rather spend time doing useful things with my tablets than waste hours trying to configure it (iOS, Win7 or Android).
          • Google starting to build Android devices in theUS will eventuall hurt Apple

            Google as the new owner of Motorola are putting out a new Moto X phone that will let you choose everything from the color of the power button to a personalized message on the back cover because they are building them in the US and can respond to a customers request fast.
            I think that will start to hurt iPhone sales and then if Google follows up by putting out customizable tablets and mini tablets that are also customised US assembled units it could then start to take a big chunk out of the iPad and iPad mini markets.
            Apples tactics of selling its phones and tablets at cost to its Irish based subsidiary, then reselling those on at a large markup price to US and other subsidiary operations so all the profit is legally recorded and taxed at a very low rate in Ireland even though none of the actual hardware ever ships in or out of Ireland going strait from the factories in China to other destinations is what will hit Apple eventually.
            If Google can get a good buy US made campaign going in it's future Adverts showing buying Apple products as Un-American they have a lot of truth ammunition they could legally use Against Apple in those ads.
          • Where is Moto X's Mojo?


            Apple are going to build their latest Mac Pro in the U.S.A., aren't they?
            Beast Of Bodmin
          • Worried About Android

            I keep looking for Android tablets: in airports, on planes, busses, parks, Best Buy, everywhere yet I don't see them. All I see are those pesky Apple iPads. What gives? Why all the buzz over Apple stuff? And why are there people at BB etc looking at iPads but the rows, and I mean rows of Android tablets rarely have even a single viewer. The tablets are not dusty, no finger prints, no viewers.

            Apple wares should not be allowed to be sold anywhere other than those overhyped, sweat smelling, body pressing Apple stores. I wonder if those who dream about an Android tablet with the latest update are turned off by all the iPad users. Apple users should have some manners and at least hide their equipment away. Why ever do they feel they have to show off their pads and never give an Android user a chance to pull his or hers out to show off. Mean, mean Apple.
          • Why The Buzz? Apple Is a Marketing Company. :-)

            The reason you see iPads all over the place is that Apple has superior MARKETING. Apple is NOT the leading tech company by a long shot - that would be Microsoft or (arguably) Google. How many companies in the Fortune 1000 have Apple hardware for the rank and file? Apple hardware is too expensive for penny-pinching CFO's.

            Apple is, of course, the darling of consumers, though. I jokingly like to tell friends that Apple is the Abercrombie & Fitch of tech companies. Many Apple users want to be sophisticated, stylish, and not have to think. Apple products provide all of those. It's all tied up in the ego of the average consumer - if you can make something complicated look real easy and make the customer feel he/she is controlling a complicated process - or is being a tech hipster - you've got them locked in. BlackBerry failed on this count (many times) and Microsoft is slow to learn (although they've slowly been gaining traction lately).

            Make anyone less sophisticated feel powerful and stylish - without having to think - and you'll have them eating out of the palm of your hands. Apple has mastered that for over 20 years.

            It's kinda like the reason more people watch "Wheel Of Fortune" than "Jeopardy!" WOF makes the average shlub feel clever when they solve the puzzle three minutes ahead of the contestant. Jeopardy makes the same shlub reach for the remote ("Aggggh! I don't know that sh**!!!"). Android is Jeopardy; Apple is WOF.

            Scary, isn't it?

          • Apple Products

            Yeah, an iPad is only for those hopeless suckers who want software.
      • Let's see now...

        They invented this new type of tablet and it has only been what, three years or so since the first iPad came out. The iPad that was mocked heavily by people and the press. Only three years and you're surprised Apple has carried on so long. Are you working in dog years?
        • "The iPad that was mocked heavily by people and the press"

          Just the name, not the concept. The press called it "revolutionary, awsome, and incredible" well before they even had their hands on one, or even saw one demonstarted.

          That "mocking press"?
          William Farrel
          • Trying to rewrite history.

            Go to the "iPad Death Watch" web page and you will see what the press really had to say.

            Newsweek trashed it. The Street called it an iFlop.