The rumored HTC One Mini makes a great companion to a small tablet

The rumored HTC One Mini makes a great companion to a small tablet

Summary: More details of the rumored HTC One Mini appeared yesterday. Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S4 Mini and I wonder if we are starting to see a trend towards smaller smartphones.


I've been to a couple HTC Frequencies events where a few of us get together with HTC to hold open discussions about their products and services while learning more about what's behind their designs. One of the most popular suggestions from attendees at an event I went to earlier this year was a request for a smaller Android device and Engadget posted some pretty convincing evidence that there is an HTC One Mini coming this year.

Sometimes we see things and have discussions that are under NDA, but I have no information on this rumored HTC One Mini. That said, I am pleased to see such a product since I think there is a market for these smaller, more pocketable devices.

The iPhone 5 is very successful and it is one of the smallest smartphones available. It wasn't that long ago when we thought 4.3 inch devices were massive and now we see 4.8 to 5.5 inch smartphones launching as flagship devices.

I carry an HTC One daily and it fits my hand and pocket perfectly so I won't be buying an HTC One Mini. However, my wife finds the HTC One a bit too large and I think the Mini, along with the Galaxy S4 Mini, may appeal to women and those with smaller hands.

The HTC One Mini looks a lot like the HTC One with dual front-facing stereo speakers and metal body. The display may be 720p rather than 1080p, likely matching the resolution of the HTC First. There may not be an IR port, which is something I use daily on my HTC One, and the processor may be a dual-core model.

As the popularity in smaller seven and eight inch tablets increases, we may be seeing a trend to smaller phones with the tablet being used for data and the phones for communication needs. I just sold my Note II as I found it was just too big to be carried in my pocket daily and I think sub-5 inches is my preference.

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  • Smaller smartphones are badly needed!

    Plenty of people want a premium product but find the Galaxy S4 for instance to big. It's part of the reason iPhones sell.

    4.3" cannot be called Mini though, they should stick with them being 4".

    That said, I had an HTC Desire before (3.7") and wasn't keen on the S4 being 4.99" but now I have it you quickly get used to it's larger size and I couldn't go back.

    Smaller phones look like toys in comparison and the larger screen makes it a joy to use.

    There's definitely still a market though, many female trouser pockets tend to be tiny for one thing.
    • Re: Smaller smartphones are badly needed!

      Plenty of them in the shops.

      You know you can buy phones in lots of different kinds of shops, right? You're not forced to live with the choices your carrier gives you.

      At least, that's true in most of the world...
  • Decisions, decisions...

    I've got an HTC One V, which is basically, an iPhone 5 sized device. In fact it fits in many iPhone 5 cases, except for the "chin" at the bottom. It's a really nicely sized device as far as smartphones go. Alas it suffers from a slow processor and a lack of internal application memory, so I'm considering getting a new phone soon. I've been weighing my options, and there really isn't much out there, unfortunately, in small form factor. OTOH, when I hold the Samsung Galaxy 4 in my hand I'm bowled over by the gorgeous 5 inch screen. I definitely see the attraction here, too.

    So choice is good. It's just a shame that there isn't much available in the sub 4" class... not many phones you'd actually want to buy, that is. Your only real option is the iPhone, but then you're into a whole new ecosystem.
  • iphone5 size

    I don't think the size of the iphone is the reason it sells so much. you could make it 2 inches or 7 inches and it would still sell by the millions... people want what apple gives them.
  • One device and one rumored device do not a trend make

    The old saying goes, two is a coincidence, three is a pattern. We don't even have two yet. This is serious gun jumping here.
    Han Rasmussen
  • Waiting for 5" HTC one Max

    HTC One too big? Many Asian ladies are using Note II. They carry bags all the time so carrying a big phone does not matter much.
    Anyway, I am waiting for the 5" HTC One Max. It will be a perfect phone. Even better if the battery is removable.