The top 10 business apps you need for Windows Phone 8

The top 10 business apps you need for Windows Phone 8

Summary: Here's 10 Windows Phone 8 apps that business users must have, whether it's securing messages and logins to finding the right location for a meeting.

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  • Office Remote

    'There just aren't enough good Windows Phone apps' is an accusation often levelled at Microsoft's smartphone OS. However, the number of Windows Phone apps available, like the OS's market share, is on the way up — here's our handy guide to some of the better ones that should be gracing your smartphone.

    And where better to start than with a Microsoft app only available for Windows Phone and designed for Office users. 

    Recently released by Microsoft, Office Remote turns your Windows Phone 8 device into a remote control for the Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents on the desktop.

    It's handy for giving presentations: while you walk around the boardroom table talking up your BYOD strategy, you can be changing the PowerPoint slides shown on the wall display straight from your Windows phone.

    Office Remote relies on companion 'add-in' software installed on the desktop and operates over a Bluetooth connection. (Worth noting: it won't work on Office for RT.)

    Price: Free

  • Box

    While there are third-party tools to access Dropbox, the company hasn't produced a dedicated Windows Phone app for its popular storage and sharing service.

    For those seeking an alternative, however, there's Box, which is stepping up its enterprise credentials and has its own Windows Phone app.

    The free app comes with 5GB free storage and offers support for 75 document types, including Photoshop and AutoCAD. There's also a few enterprise admin features, such as restricting downloads to the device and support for two-factor authentication. (Also worth noting: new Windows Phones come with 7GB of free storage on Microsoft's own SkyDrive service and, as you'd expect, there's a SkyDrive app too.)

    Price: Free 

Topics: Windows Phone, Apps

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  • Thanks!

    I already had some of these and like them, now to try the others. PhotoBeamer is a cool app too.
    • one more important addition would be

      CISCO webex app for windows phone 8.
  • Stay away from Waze, at least for now.

    While a nice app with some useful features (though some are not yet working on Windows Phone 8 per their web site), Waze causes the battery to drain rapidly, in some cases faster than the battery can charge.

    The last time I tried LastPass, it was okay, but just using the free web interface works well enough.
    • thanks for the tip

      I am really wondering why my phone is loosing charging so fast. I recently installed waze and now i am sure that is the time since when my phone's battery is loosing charging very fast.

      Though i have not used it for actual navigation so far, since it got great feed back in other platforms i installed and suffered.
      • Thanks for the warning...

        because I was going to install Waze.
    • Thanks.

      I was going to try it. For now I'll stick with G-Maps and Drive.
  • Exchange active sync

    Exchange active sync built into Win Phone is great allowing corporate emails, calendar, etc. Office mobile is good for quick reading, but if your serious about Mobile for corporate usage get a Surface.
    Sean Foley
    • Surface Pro....

      that is...
  • The top 10 business apps you need for Windows Phone 8

    Thanks for the list of Microsoft Windows Phone apps. I'm going to try some of them and see if they fit my business needs.
  • LeadSales Application

    Great Business App. Free and Offline support!
    Check the reviews give it a try!
  • Why wait?

    Why wait for Lasspass? 1Password is available for Windows Phone today. You need to have purchased the desktop version but the Windows Phone client itself is free. I love being able to sync to the same password file from multiple devices.
  • Great apps

    Thanks for the article, I am going to have to give some of these a go, some sound promising.
  • For password management try SkyWallet.

    It creates an online encrypted database for passwords that is stored on your skydrive. You can also install the desktop app. Completely free.
  • Nuvopos POS business apps for Windows Phone

    not mentioned but a great point of sales system for Windows Phone is Nuvopos. The App can be downloaded at