The top professional gift and gadget ideas this year [Gift Guide 2013]

The top professional gift and gadget ideas this year [Gift Guide 2013]

Summary: What gifts and gadgets make great gifts for the professional in your life this year?

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  • Strut Launchport

    Gift: Thinktank Photo Retrospective 7

    Price: $162.75

    The Retrospective 7 carry case from Thinktank Photo is a handy gift for the photographer who has delicate gear to protect -- but doesn't want to advertize to the world what they're carrying. 

    Designed to carry and protect a DSLR, the low-key bag also has a rear slot which fits an iPad or 11-inch MacBook Air, a padded shoulder strap and can accommodate two or three lenses. 

    ViaThinktank Photo

    Image creditThinktank Photo

  • Doettling Guardian

    Gift: Doettling Guardian

    Price: $18,000+

    The Guardian case from Doettling is a high-tech way to keep your valuables secure.

    The 14.5 inch-long case, made from leather, also has a double-walled polycarbonate tube which the manufacturers claim can withstand drills and saws if someone attempts to get to the jewelry, documents or money within. To open the Guardian, you need to input a three-digit code. When locked, the 'door' mechanism, made from four high-carbon steel locking bolts, denies sticky fingers entry.

    If you're unfortunate enough to have the case stolen, then a GPS transmitter can tell you precisely where it is. 


    Image creditDoettling

  • Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset

    Gift: Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset

    Price: $99.99

    The Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset from Plantronics saves you having to pick up and answer your smartphone manually -- a useful gadget if you're in a communication-heavy job. 

    If worn, the headset, once paired via Bluetooth to your device, will announce who is calling -- then you can choose either to 'answer' or 'ignore' the call through speech alone. You can also tap the command button at the front of the thin, silver part of the set to check the battery level, connection status and to test speech quality. 

    If you want to check your emails in a hurry, you can also dial to listen to them without lifting a finger. If you happen to mislay the headset, if you have an Android phone and have downloaded the company's app, you can ask it to track last usage or send a tone to hear the set. 

    Via: Plantronics

    Image creditPlantronics

Topic: Tech Industry

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