This Xbox HDMI cable has 'anti-virus protection'

This Xbox HDMI cable has 'anti-virus protection'

Summary: No, I'm not late for April Fools' Day. This is simply just false advertising at its best (or worst, depending on your point of view).

This Xbox HDMI cable has 'anti-virus protection'

Sometimes, you just can't make this stuff up. I mean, if you tried really, really hard, you wouldn't come up with anything like it. This "superior quality HDMI LX Cable" not only offers you "an exceptional image, whether you are playing a game or watching your favourite DVD" but it also has "anti-virus protection." Seriously, that's what the feature list on the packaging claims.

As you can see in the image above, courtesy of Gizmodo, the cable features "'100% Mylar' double shield 1.3c grade cable with anti-virus protection to reduce virus noises and to obtain perfect image transmission."

Here's the kicker, in case you were too astounded that you missed it. The cable doesn't claim to feature virus protection. No. It features anti-virus protection. Virus protection protects you from viruses. So anti-virus protection must protect you from anti-viruses?

I'm having some trouble stopping my head from shaking. Gizmodo asks if there are any people in this world "so stupidly stupid as to believe that a virus may attack your video cables and cause noise." Readers in the comments section have responded with a resounding yes, unfortunately.

This company should be sued into oblivion. Actually, Microsoft should sue this company into oblivion. After all, it's apparently called the "Xbox 360 Elite HDMI cable." I'm pretty sure Redmond wouldn't be too please to know its brand is being used in this way.

In fact, I've made a point to contact the software giant about this little tidbit. I'll update you if and when I hear back.

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  • LOL

    Includes protection against rolling on the floor symptoms.
    • Jockularity Protection and others will soon be mandatory

      Everyone overlooks the fact that Cables are very important in security of data.

      If we can stop anti-virus', anti-malware, ROTFL, and other software based security problems at the cable level, it's a win for everyone.

      And people have pooh-poohed expensive cables as if they do nothing for you.
      (I have it on inside information that Monster will be including all of the above to their ultra-premium cables in the near future).

      (*not one bit is true....except that we can expect more impossible claims from cable vendors)
  • Sounds like somethings been lost in translation.

    It would be interesting to know where the manufacturer is based. For example, the common French word for electrical interference is 'parasites'.
    • I was thinking the same thing

      Took the text off the packaging from another language and didn't verify the translation. Still shouldn't have been missed to the point it made it to the shelves.
    • Agreed

      Agreed, this could be a translation typo. I think they were looking for something like protection from electrical interference, not anti-virus.
  • anti-virus cables huh?

    How do people get away with SUCH blatant bullshit????
  • This is more likely a translation error

    After visiting China, I'm sure this is a translation error. Obviously they were talking about cable shielding and electrical interference. Though it makes for a great headline and for people to get all riled up about stupidity.
  • I'm chalking it up to a sense of humor

    Or maybe they wanted to see if anybody was paying attention :)

    I can understand the "antivirus protection" bit though.
    The software that was once known as virus protection is commonly categorized as antivirus software.
    So protection that such software can provide would be considered antivirus-provided protection.

    Even though we're talking about antivirus hardware here :)
    milo ducillo
  • Noisy Virus

    I had a noisy virus once, oh wait that was a nosy virus
  • Indeed

    This is just an ackward translation... happens all the time over there.. Nothing to get on a high horse about :) It's unfortunate it didn't get "caught".. but oh well, the world's not going to end :)
  • stupid?

    Well, you ask if people are stupid... and there ARE people who pay $100 for a monster HDMI cable.

    yeah. stupid people with way too much money....
  • Been around a bit

    Apparently its been like this for a bit:

    Check the review from March 14:
    "Unreal anti-virus capabilities" - very much tongue-in-cheek; gotta love the Aussies and their humor.
  • good greif

    Its obviously a miss-translation (probably done with google translate)

    Slow "news" day?
    Scarface Claw
  • The BEST antivirus that you will ever know, lolz!

    This must be China's fake or cheap goods. I know HDMI cable very well, I work for SquareEnix before and my responsible is to ensure that the game we are produce is displaying perfect resolutions, no FPS issue, etc. In short, I need to make sure the display quality is perfect.

    It's quoted "'100% Mylar' double shield 1.3c grade cable with anti-virus protection to reduce virus noises and to obtain perfect image transmission.". It's not 100% mistaken actually. It's really specs of HDMI cable (except for the viruses stuff, lol). It's double shield means it's braided cable and adopting HDMI version 1.3c. It also should written "reduce signal noises..."

    Anyway, be careful folk! There's many fakes and unknown hdmi cables out there for the Xbox. The original standard Xbox cable from Microsoft is not do any better than normal cheap $5 cable. The cable that cost your own life also is bullshxxt like monstercable or any highly priced cable. As far as i know, after years of experience, I only know one brand cable that can really makes difference. It's called 360HDMI as I remember. They only creates cable for xbox/gaming consoles. This is the only cable that we use when we test our own games in our office.

    There's nothing wrong with other HDMI cables, even the one with the anti-viruses if there's virus in the cable. HDMI delivering digital signal not analog signal so any cable will do good. The only things that makes differences is the parameters set when creating the cable. Cable specialize for games is different with cable used for watching movies.

    Last but not the least, I guess the anti-virus cable really have the anti-virus feature. The 'virus' definition might not for computer's virus but the real virus like Resident-Evil zombies that infected, lolzz !! This is really great article, it makes my day !