Three options for easy reading in bed now exist, but Kindle Paperwhite looks to be the best

Three options for easy reading in bed now exist, but Kindle Paperwhite looks to be the best

Summary: Last year those of us with ebook readers had to attach a light or read in well lit environments. This year there are three solid choices in ebook readers with integrated lighting solutions.

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I have several dedicated eInk readers and carry one in my bag all the time. I love to read and find that books are more enjoyable on eInk devices than on phones and tablets full of distractions. One weakness of eInk readers has always been the inability to read in bed or in a lowlight area (on a train during a morning commute in the winter) without having some kind of light accessory. That is no longer the case if you buy an ebook reader from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo and I finally made my choice last week.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I pre-ordered my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite last week and cannot wait to check out the high resolution, high contrast display with built-in light. I have moved to the Kindle platform as my primary ebook platform because there are apps on nearly all of my mobile platforms so I can read ebooks no matter what device I have on hand. Amazon looks to have some amazing features in the new Kindle Paperwhite and now that they have the Amazon Prime Lending Library there really doesn't seem to be any reason to buy another ebook reader. The Kindle Paperwhite beats the other two with a better resolution, X-ray feature, amount of time left in the chapter utility, and more. It does not have expandable storage capacity and still does not support the EPUB standard so if those are important to you then look to the other two ebook readers.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

I have a couple of Nook devices and was a big fan of them for a long time. The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight was the first product from the major players that launched with an integrated lighting solution. However, I personally find the Nooks to be too wide to be comfortable in my hand and did not purchase one of these after owning the Nook Simple Touch. This is priced the same as the new Kindle Paperwhite, when you take off the special offers advertising.

Kobo Glo

I have a Kobo Touch and was using that as my primary device because it has an excellent form factor and I like the social networking aspects of their devices. The new Kobo Glo looks to offer a similar form factor as the Touch with the integrated lighting solution and lower cost of $129.99.

It is tough to choose just one, but the fact that I am an Amazon Prime member and Amazon has a huge ecosystem pushes me towards the new Kindle Paperwhite. Do you use a dedicated eInk book reader and if so, which do you prefer?

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Topics: Mobility, Amazon

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  • I Think A Tablet Is More Cost-Effective

    I was in our local Harvey Norman’s a couple of Sundays ago. There was the Google Nexus 7 at NZ$439, and next to it a Kobo of the same size for NZ$339. I expected the e-reader to be a whole lot cheaper, given that it can only be used to read e-books. But given that price difference, I decided the tablet was a much more versatile device, so that’s what I went for.
    • E Readers are for avid readers.

      Apparently E Ink readers are cheaper in America than where you are. Still for as much as I read, even at your prices, I would choose an EReader over a tablet. There's no question of the versatility of a tablet but that E Ink is so much easier on the eyes, and since I read at least an hour a day(usually more) for me an E reader is worthwhile. I am considering getting a tablet one day, but it wouldn't replace my Kindle.
      • Re: “since I read at least an hour a day(usually more)”

        I spend several hours a day reading. The Nexus 7 screen is fine for that.
  • RE: Time-left-in-chapter feature

    That one seems really hokey to me. What about distractions while you're reading? Or falling asleep?!? I'd hope there's a way to disable this from the page when you're reading. It would be like playing "Beat the Clock"!
    • I dunno...

      There have been times where I really wanted to know how long the next chapter is before I start on it so I am going to use the feature. Also, my perception from the press event, which can be watched on YouTube, that you have to actively select it in the lower left hand corner otherwise it displays what it has always displayed. So I don't think you have to disable anything and likely a matter of just not using it.
  • Live outside of Heav.. errr USA.

    So rooted NST :P (witch gives Android tablet with eInk display!!!!)
    You know eInk + B&N books (via app) + Amazon books (via app) + Place here ANY bookstore app available on Google Play market for Android 2.1.


    But for me biggest THING in the industry have yet to come:

    Global market reach for hardware and books.
  • We still don't know the B&N announcement

    What willi the new Nook be bringing to the table? and when?
  • I think i choose the tablet instead of Kindle Paperwhite!

    I think if you have a Kindle it's much more cheaper as a tablet, but what can you do with a kindle and what can you do e.g. with the amazon fireHD. I read the article about the Kindle EBook Reader: and finally i think i buy a tablet. What do you think about it?