TiVo Stream beams DVR content to iPad

TiVo Stream beams DVR content to iPad

Summary: TiVo Stream -- which goes on sale today -- allows customers to stream shows recorded on Premiere-series DVRs directly to iPads and iPhones. Huzzah!

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New TiVo device streams content to iOS devices - Jason O'Grady

I've been a TiVo customer for a while. I've always preferred its UI to the jenky schlop the the cable companies call a DVR (I'm looking at you, Comcast and Verizon).

Simply put, the cableco DVRs are garbage and TiVo is superior is just about every way. I also like the fact, expensive as it may be, that you can purchase a lifetime subscription to the TiVo service and avoid the usurious monthly fee that the cableco adds to your bill for the priviledge of "leasing" their bogus equipment.

I purchased a TiVo Premiere XL4 in May (with lifetime subscription, natch) and was thrilled to learn about TiVo Stream when it was unveiled. The device was available for pre-order in August and officailly went on sale today at TiVo.com for $129.

It works like this: plug Stream into your home network and it takes live or recorded programming from a TiVo Premiere-series DVR and reformats it for viewing on iOS devices like an iPad or iPhone. The only caveat is that both the TiVo and the Stream must be plugged into Ethernet (Wi-Fi isn't supported).

Currently Stream only supports iOS, but TiVo says Android is coming. According to the company, the Stream is the first device to allow streaming and recording to as many as four devices without interrupting what's currently being viewed on the TV. 

Another nice feature is that TiVo Stream allows you to wirelessly transfer shows to your iOS device so that you can view them on the go, like the company's integration with Toast Titanium on the Mac (and TiVo Desktop Plus on Windows). It claims to download a one hour show in 15 minutes.

TiVo pushed out the Stream-capable 2.0 version of its iOS app earlier this evening. 

TiVo 2.0 app for iOS - Jason O'Grady

Now if mine would only get here already.

What DVR do you use? Does it work with your iOS device?

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Topics: Apple, Apps, iPhone, iPad

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  • Even better DVR

    MythTV which has no restrictions, very powerful with multiple backends and costs nothing will stream to any appliance with flash (Android) plus it has a DLNA server built in.
  • TiVo and Directv

    Directv claims they licensed TiVo software to operate their satellite receiver/DVR. Not being familiar with TiVo, I can only say that Directv's DVR programming software is outstanding–much superior to Dish, for example.

    The obvious question: can, (or will,) this new TiVo device work with Directv?
    • I don't think so..

      My understanding as a long time DirectTv subscriber was that DTV licensed technology from Tivo, then as they realized it was very expensive to do so, they went off and created their own and did a great job of it. They basically replaced all customer receivers who had the old Tivo software on them and replaced them with new hardware.