Top 10 Confederations Cup apps

Top 10 Confederations Cup apps

Summary: As the Confederations Cup kicks off this weekend, here's our pick of the ten most useful mobile apps for tourists and those doing business in Brazil - from soccer tools to city guides

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Host Cities Guide G4R

    A feature-rich app with information on restaurants, lodging and top attractions in the six Confederations Cup host cities.  It also contains photo galleries, general information on the cities, climate, money matters and embassy contact details for a list of countries. The app also enables users to list the places they would like to visit, plot routes, rate attractions and share reviews on social networks.

    Free; iOS

  • Taxijá

    Taxijá is an app that finds the nearest taxi using the device's built-in GPS. the app will then identify your position and, after a simple registration process, will find taxis near to you. The tool also enables users to view the ride progress in real-time and estimated time of arrival. Taxijá is operational in São Paulo, Curitiba, Salvador, Teresina and Jundiaí at present, but the aim is to cover all the World Cup host cities.

    Free; Android and iOS

  • Word Lens

    Word Lens is an augmented reality translator which uses the phone's built-in camera to identify text (such as a sign or a menu) and have the words translated to another language. It also includes a dictionary tool. The only downside is that the app sometimes struggles to "read" text in non-standard fonts. Word Lens is free on Apple's iTunes, but an in-app purchase is needed to enable translation capabilities. On Google Play, the free demo and the full translation-enabled versions are available.

    $4.99 per language combination; Android and iOS

Topic: Mobility

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  • Call It "Football"

    "Football" as in "foot" meets "ball", not "carry-ball-in-hand football".

    Only one country in the world calls it "soccer"...
    • Indeed

      What a sensible name for a game that involves kicking a ball with you foot.
      Not "carry ball until large fridge of legs knocks you over - ball"
      (repeat process over the next 4 hours.....................)
      (there may be the occasions kick, using foot, but blink and you'll miss it)
      (beside it's directly in front of the posts, any ten year old could make that kick).
    • :-)

      haha, point noted. did you read the rest of the article (just curious)? ;-))
      Angelica Mari
  • Confederations Cup????

    This is some sort of "important" competition in the FIFA world?
    • It's a warm-up session that thousands pay a fortune to go and watch, what do you think?
      Angelica Mari
  • Confederations Cup app for Android

    You should take a look at this app of Confederations Cup:

    Is amazing, with real time score update!
    Glauco Neves
    • thanks for the tip!
      Angelica Mari