Top 10 countries in which to locate a data center

Top 10 countries in which to locate a data center

Summary: The safest and cheapest place to open a data center? The United States.

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Cushman & Wakefield just issued its annual "Data Center Risk Index," which evaluates the favorable and not-so-favorable factors to weigh in locating data centers in various countries around the globe.

Data Center NASA Photo credit NASA Office of the CIO
Photo credit: NASA, Office of the CIO

Important factors for such decisions include energy costs, bandwidth, overall ease of doing business, corporate tax rates, labor costs, political stability, natural disasters, and population education levels.  Cushman & Wakefield published the study in conjunction with hurleypalmerflatt, a sustainability-focused construction group, and Source8, an IT infrastructure consulting firm.

The United States comes out on top, the report's authors have determined. As they describe it, the U.S. "still has the highest internet bandwidth capacity of all the countries included in the index, the average cost of electricity has remained relatively low whilst most other countries have seen prices increase." However, they adds, "natural disasters remain the most significant risk to data centers, as we saw last year with hurricane Sandy in New York."

The United Kingdom came in second due to its  "high international internet bandwidth capacity and the good score for ease of doing business."  However, rising energy costs may dampen the advantages of opening up data centers on the Isles.

Here are the top 10 countries for locating a data center. The entire list is not all-inclusive, only 30 countries were evaluated:

  1. US
  2. UK
  3. Sweden
  4. Germany
  5. Canada
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Iceland
  8. Norway
  9. Finland
  10. Qatar


Topic: Data Centers

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  • Data Centers

    Not exactly what I expected, nice to see which countries are controlling the larger portions of data. Iceland has to be a big surprise!
    • Iceland is not a big surprise

      Cheap cooling and cheap power.
  • Safety, What safety?

    I quote; "Summary: The safest and cheapest place to open a data center?"

    You don't even take safety into consideration. You do not safegaurd data by hosting it in China, how stupid are you?
    • China isn't in the top 10

      That's probably one of the reasons why. I'm guessing that while the Emir of Qatar could arbitrarily demand data hosted in his country, it's not in his interest to do so.
      John L. Ries
  • Legalities

    They don't seem to have taken into account the laws of the nations here. The US is a dangerous place to host data due to the oppressive laws in place, especially for non-citizens. This all depends on the type of business you're in of course, but if you're customer focused at all you should be very wary of opening a data centre in the US.
  • Um ... I could be wrong, but ...

    ... Isn't Hong Kong a city?

    • hong kong

      hong kong is kind of a vassal of china but retains its powers of government and laws etc for 100 years from 1985 or whenever it was. Its legal system is based on the UK one, not sure about the government.
    • Hong Kong

      Classified as a "Special Administrative Region" of China with its own separate economy and system of government. This is a 50-year arrangement negotiated between the UK and China commencing with the 1997 handover when it ceased being a UK colony.
      • tea

        and all for the love of a good cuppa