Top Android tablets (July 2014 edition)

Top Android tablets (July 2014 edition)

Summary: Given the broad choice, combined with rock-bottom prices, there's never been a better time to pick up a new Android tablet! Here are my pick of the top Android tablets for July 2014.


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  • Introduction

    There's never been a better time to pick up a new Android tablet. Not only are prices at their best, but there's never been a better selection of hardware from big-name OEMs on offer.

    Here's my top Android tablets picks for July 2014.

    All of the tablets features here are very capable, powerful workhorses, and are ideal not only for home users, but also for enterprise users or those looking for a BYOD tablet. Any one of these will give you an excellent Android experience, and, when combined with the right apps, will allow you to get a lot of work done when you're away from your desk.

  • (Image: HP)

    HP 7 Plus

    Android tablets don't have to be expensive – take the HP 7 Plus, which can be picked up for $99. Sure, you don't get the latest and greatest hardware, but you do get a very capable Android tablet that packs enough of a punch to do 99 percent of what most users will demand of a tablet. 

    • Jelly Bean (Android 4.2.2)
    • Allwinner A32 1GHz quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM
    • 7-inch 1024 x 600 IPS display
    • 8GB internal storage
    • microSD card support

    Price: $99.

Topics: Mobility, Android, Tablets

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  • Android Crap

    Obsessed by the idea that Microsoft must die, you are trying to convince people that Android crap is better somehow. As soon as you turn on any Android or Chrome device, you a** belong to Google. Everything you do, write, search about, download, upload, and synch is used to profile users and then sell all these data to anyone who has enough money to make Google even richer.

    You have strange standards.
    • Sounds like "sour grapes" to me.

      I suspected that this blog would attract a "hate" post (or two). It's almost as if people *need* Android to die, so that MS can move in and take its place...
      • Microsoft can not take Google's place

        It is too late for MS at this point. Their mobile strategy is a mess and they are way too late in joining the party. Blackberry did some things right. Apple got it perfect but it’s stubbornness of keeping everything for themselfs will make them lose the war again, just as they lost the PC war to Microsoft. Google has an almost perfect strategy. An open plateform, an open OEM competitive market, developper’s attraction. It looks like 1982 all over again except that Microsoft was not on the start line. Unless servers all explode in the same time, all over the world, they will dominate the world…and they will own everybody’s personnal data.
        • New Products in July

          i P r o T a b l e t -- is one source worth reviewing with many new models in July -- including the Pipo P1 ($295) 9.7-inch tablet which launched this week and is the first Android device on the market with the new RK3288 high performance processor from
          Rockchip Technologies which has demonstrated benchmark testing with better performance than the Apple iPad as well as upcoming tablets that feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 processor; the Pipo P1 is also the first tablet available to support 4K video output -- and overall offers impressive specs, including a 2048x1536 display, Android 4.4 Kit Kat, Bluetooth 4.0, built-in GPS, and a powerful 10,000 mAh battery with 8+ hours use.

          Also to be released mid July is the iFive Mini4 ($219) -- which is the first 8-inch Android tablet to offer a retina-quality, 2048x1536 display; plus features long battery life, Bluetooth, GPS, and the RK3288 processor.

          iProTablet also offers the Ramos i10 Pro ($399) Windows 8.1 - Android hybrid... the first Dual Boot tablet on the market that makes it easy to use both Windows software and Android Apps on one device -- and offers an Intel Bay Trail 64 bit CPU plus a 10"
          1920x1200 HD display, Bluetooth, and GPS.
      • Android is immature even for it's own target.

        Android tablets are marketed for "casual" use and entertainment.

        Yet before you can watch a DVD movie, you must convert it to another format that Android can read.

        And if you need a hard copy, you outta luck unless you have "special" tablets and "special" printers.
    • Here's an idea Bouch....

      Just don't buy one.

      Then move on with your life in a happy and positive way................
      • That is exactly what I am doing

        Not buying and not using any Google products or services is my favorite hobby these days. However I find it ironic to read articles that promotes Google based hardware knowing that the writer hates Microsoft and could say anything to make it disappear. Microsoft and Apple are still the (least bad) good guys in terms of personal information. Their business models are not based on selling personal information.

        I just want to let people know what they are really buying when they are buying an Andro/Chrome crap.
        • @ gbouchard99

          "I just want to let people know what they are really buying when they are buying an Andro/Chrome crap"
          Why? Why is it so important to you? You do not know them or owe them nothing - or have you some other agenda here to post these comments if you have no interest in the product?
        • "not using any Google products or services is my favorite hobby these days"

          I think you might need to branch out a little.

          Try therapy! Might me good for you..........
        • "find it ironic to read articles that promotes Google based hardware"

          Anything else you expect to find in an article called "Best Android tablets"??

          It's like having a go because the "Best Windows 8 tablets" only contains MS operating systems.
    • @ gbouchard99

      ..and you are on a mission to post lots of hatred here against Android, not so...? Why? I mean the REAL reason: why? But I suppose it would be too much to hope we will get that from you...
    • chard

      Unfortunately for you, your mouth, chard, makes a large portion of us readers that don't want to be assaulted by your hate of all things android, successfully ignore your stupidity and laugh at you. You are a perfect example of the typical ID 10 T error. Stop assaulting others' with your c__p as you put it, some of us prefer to learn, which is what these tech journals are all about. Go to a "vent" page if you want to be stupid.
  • Grammar

    Here ARE my pick.... The subject of the sentence -pick- is singular. So: Here IS my pick. Substitute pick with selection. Would you write: Here ARE my selection? Grammar school grammar....
  • Newest Samsung Tab S

    Adrian! You missed Samsung's new crown jewel: the new Galaxy Tab S 10.5 - their current state of the art tablet - of which some sites claim has the best screen they've ever seen on a tablet - and it is also the lightest and thinnest. Selling in stores now! Geesh! And I don't want to push their product - but if this was missed - then what else was!
  • Interesting article, but inconsistent


    I always enjoy your reviews, but in this case you don't report the storage capabilities correctly. On some tablets, you make note of the drawback that they don't support a memory card, yet on the others you don't mention whether or not they do. That's one of my pet peeves and the main reason I use a Windows 8 tablet, even though I prefer the Android OS for a tablet.
  • what sort of Android tablet list....

    Does not have an Asus Transformer tablet in it?
    You have $99 HP drink coaster in the list but not a TF701 or something?
    Galaxy Note 8 should also be on the list instead of the wimpy Tab3 8inch.
    Note 10.1 2014 is all on 4.3 now, if not 4.4 already.
    And Please spare us the comparison with an ipad, it's not even the same planet.
  • All of you platform haters take a moment and read this...

    As a professional in the IT security and Privacy arena, all of you need a wake up call. Privacy is gone. It doesn't matter if you are an Apple, Google (Android), Microsoft or whatever supporter. All of them and numerous other firms that you have heard of and even more you haven't heard of know everything about you and are selling it to the highest bidder. It's called Big Data and it is completely unregulated and out of control. Give me your name and address and for a small amount of money I can easily find out everything about you right down to the food you like, the meds you take and the gas you buy. Stop hating so much and start fighting to reign in all of the data gatherers and brokers. The Internet of Everything; the worst is just around the corner...