Top apps for travel on a shoestring

Top apps for travel on a shoestring

Summary: A selection of applications that are useful when you're on the road.. and save you a few cents on the way.


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  • Name: Text+

    Developer: GOGII

    Compatibility: iOS | Android

    A free but advert-supported app, this service allows you to send text messages in real-time as a group chat. In a nutshell, it is a chatroom, no matter what phone your friends use. A new feature is the ability to add voice message -- although I found the app useful based on its simplicity. 

  • Name: Gasbuddy

    Developer: Gasbuddy

    Compatibility: iOS | Android

    Gasbuddy is a popular app which constantly recieves great reviews. It's a free way to find cheap gas stations on-the-go in the United States and Canada. 

    The company update the app often, but also encourage a community through gas price reporting -- if a user reports a new bargain, then they get points towards competitions. 

  • Name: Couch surfing

    Developer: Couchsurfing

    Compatibility: iOS 

    If you're really watching the pennies, Couch surfing is an online community of travelers who offer their couch when they're back home for a time, for free.

    In the same way as a hostel or hotel, you can 'book' (request) a certain time or number of nights to 'surf' in someone's living room.

    Each profile comes with ratings, peer reviews and comments on the stay, as well as location and surfer preferences.

    I've used the service a few times when backpacking, and as long as you do your research, it's an easy way to find somewhere to stay for the night.  

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  • You missed a few very handy ones

    SeatGuru will let you know which seats on your flight are the best, meaning you may be able to save some money by not upgrading to Economy Comfort or such just to get more leg room.

    Yapta will search for prices of flights, even after you have booked and let you know if you can get a refund based on your airlines policies.

    Tripit lets you keep all of your itinerary information in one place.

    GateGuru (when combined with TripIt above) will tell you when your flight has been delayed, if there is a gate change, etc.

    MeeTicket will keep all of your electronic boarding passes for you, saving you from having to print out your boarding passes and in many cities allowing you to go straight to security if you have no checked bags.
  • Add Windows Phone compatability

    Many of the apps mentioned also have Windows Phone versions. You should add that to your compatability reference.