Top iOS, Android, Windows Phone apps to get in shape

Top iOS, Android, Windows Phone apps to get in shape

Summary: If you've started the new year with the resolution to go to the gym, while this might not stick, a number of apps on the market can help you make small, healthier changes to your lifestyle.


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  • Toughest App

    Name: Toughest App

    Developer: Venum Tech


    Price: $1.99

    The worldwide 'Tough Mudder' challenge is known for causing shoulder dislocation, fractures and intense pain -- but is also an incredible obstacle course to test your strength. However, if you plan to compete in competitions like this, most of us need to stick to a strict training regime to get in shape. To help you do so, consider an app like "Toughest App," which contains a stringent workout including timed runs, pushup challenges and a progress tracker. 

  • RunKeeper - GPS Track Running Walking Cycling

    Name: RunKeeper - GPS Track Running Walking Cycling

    Developer: FitnessKeeper

    Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone alternative: Sports Tracker

    Price: $Free

    You don't have to visit the gym to stay in shape, and sometimes the smallest changes over time make the biggest difference -- so why not have a morning run a few times a week? To keep track of such cardio exercise, use an app such as FitnessKeeper to monitor your runs, walks, bike rides and hikes. This particular app will keep a record of your progress, offers detailed stats and ways to improve, and notifies you when you break your personal best. 


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  • Noom CardioTrainer

    I tried them all but haven't found one that beats CardioTrainer so far.
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    It is really a nice concept that will help customers to take care of their health in this busy life.The apps will get positive response from the app developers