Top mobile productivity apps

Top mobile productivity apps

Summary: ZDNet UK presents a rundown of the most useful mobile productivity apps, from note-taking programs to remote logins, file-sharing apps and PDF readers

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  • Wunderlist app

    This personal organiser app has won plaudits for its straightforward design. Wunderlist lets you sync tasks and to-do lists with your desktop computer and with colleagues. Extra features include the ability to sort tasks, star important items and set due dates for tasks. It also has a number of background themes.

    Wunderlist is available for free for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

    Photo credit: 6Wunderkinder

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  • Quickoffice app

    Editing office documents on your smartphone may be a fiddly business, but with apps like Quickoffice, at least you have the option. Quickoffice lets you create, edit and share Microsoft Office files, and provides compatibility with Google Docs, Dropbox and MobileMe.

    Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite is available for around £5.99 for iPhone and iPad. Quickoffice Pro is currently available for around £6.22 for Android devices.

    Photo credit: Quickoffice

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  • OneNote Mobile app

    OneNote Mobile
    OneNote Mobile is a rare beast — a Microsoft app for iOS. OneNote's clean, clear and above all simple layout lets you create notes with images, check boxes and bulletpoints. You can take photos and attach them to your note, and sync files and lists with your desktop computer.

    Microsoft OneNote is currently available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for free via the US App Store, with pricing correct at the time of writing.

    Photo credit: Microsoft

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Topics: Mobility, Apps

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