Turn your common micro USB cable into a Lightning cable for $19

Turn your common micro USB cable into a Lightning cable for $19

Summary: micro USB is the standard for most smartphones, ebook readers, and other small devices, but Apple likes to play its own game. Thankfully, there is a new adapter to turn all those micro USB cables into Lightning cables.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iPhone, iPad
Turn your common micro USB cable into a Lightning cable for $19

ZDNet colleague, Jason Perlow, posted an article a couple of days ago about his love of the Apple Lightning connector and I too think it is a great step forward. I love that I don't have to worry about which direction I insert the connector, but have been quite annoyed that I could not charge up my iPhone 5 at home and work without carrying the dang cable with me at all times. The new Lightning to micro USB cable that Apple just released is the exact adapter I have been wanting since the iPhone 5 release.

I have something like 20 microUSB cables with USB A/C chargers around my house and office that power up my smartphones, tablets, headphones, and ebook readers. I was willing to buy a second Lightning USB cable, but they were never in stock and no stores had them. In the past month, I have forgotten the cable at home a number of times and had to limit my iPhone 5 usage to make sure I had enough juice to get home. The new Lightning to micro USB adapter costs the same as a Lightning USB cable ($19), but given that I use more than just my iPhone 5 I will now be able to take one cable (along with this adapter) on the road when I travel to keep all of my devices powered up. I purchased two of the adapters so I can now have a power cable at work and in my car, along with the one that came with my iPhone 5 sitting at home.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • Nice!

    It is really cool that Apple came up with a new, proprietary connector that requires an adapter that only costs $20 (if you can find one) rather than using the micro-USB standard mandated by the EU and adopted by every other cell phone manufacturer, which allows use of a 65 cent cable that you can find practically anywhere.


    65 cents for the cable. $20 for the adapter, and you still have to have the cable. Thanks Apple!
  • Yes... but..

    The actual lightning cable supports up to 12 W charging... IF you use a micro USB cord and the adapter you are limited to 9W of power by the Micro USB cord. Therefore, it will take longer to charge your devices.
    • What's the rush?

      I charge my phone and tablet while I sleep. How much time does it take to recharge the iPad at 12W vs 5W? How fast can you charge it if your $20 adapter gets lost and you only have access to a STANDARD micro-USB cable?