Turnbull and Quigley: No love lost at NBN review

Turnbull and Quigley: No love lost at NBN review

Summary: Tuesday night saw another six monthly review of the NBN’s progress in Parliament House: Malcolm Turnbull was there, and Mike Quigley had a score to settle.


Earlier this week, Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull spoke on Sydney radio about the progress of the NBN: it was late, too costly, and the world is going wireless. It was a more meek Turnbull who turned up at the Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network, to discuss with NBN Co executives the progress of the network.

It was running late, but the goal posts have moved somewhat. NBN Co said that things are now on track. They have 575,000 premises passed and the run rate and cost per premises are achievable, based on latest figures and international comparisons. Yes, the cost of IT support systems have increased, but nowhere near to the extent that Paul Fletcher suggested. And no, they won't pay what the NSW government wants to hang fibre from their electricity polls, because the price was extreme.

All in all, the NBN Co group did a pretty good job of demonstrating that they know what they're doing and they're getting on with it.

The weak spot was their approach to multi-dwelling premises. As you'll hear in this week's Twisted Wire podcast, there's still a bit of work to be done. What happens, for example, if the body corporate refuses to allow for the deployment of fibre throughout the building? Turnbull suggested a cabinet in the premises, connected to existing internal wiring, but Quigley said that that's not his brief from the government. It's fibre to the premises, or nothing at all.

Listen in for a half hour summary of a two hour hearing — and spot the difference between the demonstrative Turnbull on Sydney radio and his more conciliatory alter-ego who confronts Quigley in person.

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  • a weak spot

    being multi premise buildings? Good grief many people have commented on that issue for months. The test roll outs in smaller towns clearly did not come up with a solution for those buildings. Err I wonder why not. The suggestion from Mr Turnbull makes sense, the response from Mr Quigley is akin to the ostrich. I have no doubt the rollout into mpb's will take another shape.
    Blank Look
    • Seriously..

      Yes but whilst you try in vain to appear non-commital and hide your leanings... it is clear (and always has been) which side your bread is buttered on and why you make such comments :/
    • What ostrich?

      He said he couldn't do it because that's not what his employer said he can do, if any one is to blame for it, blame Conroy...