Tweetium for Windows 8.1: Best mobile Twitter app (review)

Tweetium for Windows 8.1: Best mobile Twitter app (review)

Summary: Twitter users on Windows 8.1 should check out this app ASAP. Tweetium is one of the best Twitter apps on any mobile platform.


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  • Tweetium for Windows 8.1 (Twitter lists)

    Tweetium fully supports working with Twitter lists, accessed by the down arrow at the top right of the column headings. The last list selected by the user becomes a column to the right of the standard timeline columns.

  • Tweetium for Windows 8.1 (settings)

    Preferences for the operation and look of Tweetium can be changed at will, with immediate results when you exit the settings.

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  • Nice review but missed some important information...

    Does it have a good Live Tile? Thats the only missing thing with MetroTwit as of now.
    Does it use the Share charm?

    And last: When doing a Review of a Windows 8 app it would be very much appreciated if you provided a link to it! :-)
    • Hi there

      Hi! I'm the developer of Tweetium, and wanted to let you know that yes, there is a Live Tile. However, the app does not yet have a push notification server, so when the app is not running the tile will not be as immediately up-to-date as the official app (especially on battery), and there are no "toast" notifications. However! Push and notifications *are* coming soon! For now I actually keep the official app installed just for th

      Tweetium does support the Share charm, both for sharing tweets and links from the app, and for sharing links, text, and images from other apps.

      I also wanted to share that there is an active UserVoice page where I've been receiving and responding to a lot of feedback. Please check it out! One thing you'll find there is that multiple account support and Tweetmarker are currently the top requests. Both of those are coming very soon (the former, early next week).

      Oh, and lastly, you can follow @TweetiumWindows for the latest on the app. I do hope you'll check it out and share your feedback!

      • Whoops

        Managed to hit submit while adding a sentence there and I don't see a way to edit posts. That first paragraph should have ended with "I actually keep the official app installed just for the alerts." The one thing I think it's quite good at ;-)
      • Cool

        Its always cool to hear from the devs of an app or software. You guys are the foundation of the tech industry and you don't get enough credit.

        Code on!
        Rann Xeroxx
  • Yes

    It does do a live tile and there are not one but two links to the app in the review.
    • Thanks

      Sorry i missed the link. But big thanks for the Live Tile info. That will probably make me go and try the app out. As there is no demo, this knowledge was crucial for even concidering to try it.
  • How about a Windows Phone 8 Version?

    Great for my Sony VAIO Duo but how about my Lumia 1520?
  • You missed something

    This article fails to have a prominent 'View as one page' link at the beginning of the article.

    This is a serious deficiency. It is not something that one would want to start a new year with. Just like a 'first impression', you only get one chance at that.

    Please don't let it happen again.

    Yes, I will Blog and Social Network this.
    Leo Regulus