Twitter for Windows Phone updated: Looks like iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10

Twitter for Windows Phone updated: Looks like iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10

Summary: Twitter just updated its Windows Phone client, but there is too much wasted space to have me moving away from my preferred third-party client.


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  • (Image: Screenshot by Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Twitter for Windows Phone is updated

    One of my most used applications on my smartphones is Twitter, but I have always used third-party clients on Windows Phone, since I was never a fan of the official Twitter client. Twitter released an updated version today that aligns the design with Android, iOS, and BlackBerry 10.

    The new Twitter app definitely looks like Twitter and gets away from the Metro UI styling, although you can still swipe right and left to get to other columns. I am still getting used to it, but personally I don't like how much room is taken up by the top icons. I use third-party apps — Tweetings on Android and BB10, TweetBot on iOS, and Rowi on Windows Phone — because I want to see more tweets on the screen, and not the icons for the application.

    The update is better than the old version and does add some Live tile and lock screen functions. I would probably use this application if they shrank the upper icons and gave me the options for a dark theme.

    Do you like the new Twitter client for Windows Phone? You can check out several screenshots in this gallery.

  • (Image: Screenshot by Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Twitter for Windows Phone main feed.

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  • Why can't they make good apps?

    I haven't seen a good app from these guys, or Facebook.

    What's stopping these web people from coming up with a good UI?
    Michael Alan Goff
  • Well... the space used is same for all MS apps


    "The new twitter app has a lot space wasted on top".

    - Well actually not, take any app from Microsoft, say facebook, skydrive, Skype , Office and measure the length of space used on top to display the heading. They are all the same.

    The new twitter app uses the same amount of space on top like any other MS apps. Why it’s so obvious in twitter is because the twitter app heading is just a big black bar with some icons on it while other MS apps heading and text based.

    But I would agree that twitter app design looks slightly awkward because of the big thick black bar on top.
    • Matt has a point here

      If you look at the app icons the Twit bird has an entire row dedicated to the bird icon. I don't tweet so no worries here but I can see how it would be an annoyance.
  • Picky Picky Picky

    (Apologies to Pat Paulson)
    be thankful that that's one less app for the app gap we don't have available that everybody else does.
    Crashin Chris