U.S. Department of Justice gives Microsoft-Nokia deal the OK

U.S. Department of Justice gives Microsoft-Nokia deal the OK

Summary: The U.S. DOJ has given its approval to Microsoft's planned $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia's devices and services business.


The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has given its approval to Microsoft's pending acquisition of Nokia's mobile devices and services business.


The transaction got the DOJ nod on November 29, according to the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Competition notification on December 2.

"We look forward to the date when our partners at Nokia will become members of the Microsoft family, and are pleased that the Department of Justice has cleared the deal unconditionally," said a Microsoft spokesperson in a prepared statement.

Last month, Nokia shareholders gave their approval to the deal during an extraordinary general meeting in Helsinki. Indian authorities gave their approval to the Microsoft-Nokia deal earlier this fall.

The next hurdle for the deal will be the European Union. Antitrust regulators there are on tap to decide whether or not Microsoft's bid breaches the EU's competition rules. Reuters reported in October that the European Commission would decide by December 4 whether or not to clear the acquisition. (It can extend the review by an additional 10 business days if needed to weigh possible concessions by Microsoft if there are any concerns.)

Microsoft went public with plans to buy Nokia's devices and services business, plus license a number of its patents, for $7.2 billion in September. Microsoft officials have said they expect the transaction to be completed around the first quarter of 2014.

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  • outrageous!

    This abuse of discretion by the DoJ must be investigated by Congress!
    M$ monopoly abuse must be stopped!
    LlNUX Geek
    • Do you really think that Microsoft or Noka (or combined) has a monopoly??

      It looked like Apple was headed towards smartphone monopoly status for a while. Now Samsung/Google are ascendent. In no way can Microsoft/Nokia be considered to have a monopoly in the smartphone business.

      It would also be a *large* stretch to say that Microsoft's efforts in the phone business somehow extend the monopoly that they've been found to have in "operating systems for Intel-compatible personal computers".
    • It's a good thing that Goolge bought Motorola

      before you considered these things as "outrageously wrong".

      But then again, you're just trolling for dollars, as usual..
      • Trolling For Dollars???

        Are you claiming he's a paid Linux shill?
        • otherwise why would he takes stretch to

          jab on every Microsoft post. He must be paid by Google.
          Ram U
          • Flawed formula for conjecture

            Think about what you base your theory upon. Then ask your self if Google would pay someone to mention "the DoJ must be investigated by Congress".

            Sounds like a pretty far stretch to me.

            Then again I think Google must be paying Microsoft to run that Pawn Stars commercial, hinting to parents and grandparents that you are safe giving the kids Chromebooks because the pawn shop guy won't let them sell them for 10 cents on the dollar like a he would a Windows notebook.
          • Ding, ding, ding!

            And we have a winner here!
          • Agreed, Ram U. Though the ABMer's will automaticlly

            say the exact opposite, of course.

            IMHO, I don't really think he's paid by Google (or anyone), but a LOT of people here seem to suffer from something that compells them to twist, spin, and fabricate whenever something positive is said of MS.

            They appear to take the news so personally for some reason....
          • Yep @William.Farrel

            These id8s are the first ones to name call "Microsoft Shill", "Paid by Microsoft" or "AstroTurfers", but if the same is applied on one of their id8, they start crying. I think preschoolers have matured brain these. :D. I know I get flagged, and name called, but I don't care.
            Ram U
          • You don't see paid Linux astroturfers

            because they can't afford it. :)
          • Yep, those horrible ABMers

            How dare they rob MS' hardworking shareholders by keeping the competition alive!
            John L. Ries
        • Paid or has no life . . .

          It is one thing to post comments about things you care about in life, but quite a different thing when it is something you don't care about.
      • I think he's trolling for free

        I can't imagine any sane PR type paying LU to post. I feel the same way about a certain pro-MS poster who must not be named.
        John L. Ries
        • Yep, I also feel the same about some of the

          supporters who constantly bash Microsoft products on every thread even if it is not related to Microsoft
          Ram U
  • Department of ...oh, yeah, Justice, lol...

    approves a corporate giant's activity...

    ... well quel f...ing surprise!