Ubuntu chases the Lynx factor

Ubuntu chases the Lynx factor

Summary: Ubuntu patron and founder, Mark Shuttleworth, has detailed plans for the distribution's April 2010 release, codenamed Lucid Lynx.

TOPICS: Open Source, Linux

Ubuntu patron and founder, Mark Shuttleworth, has detailed plans for the distribution's April 2010 release, codenamed Lucid Lynx.

In a video message to attendees of UbuCon Atlanta, Shuttleworth said that 10.04 would be based on the GNOME 2.0 desktop and would extend the horizontal server scalability of Debian into cloud computing. Releases after Lucid Lynx would include the GNOME 3.0, which works on the desktop.

Lucid Lynx is the third biennial long-term support (LTS) release by Ubuntu; LTS releases are supported for three years for desktops and five years for servers.

"This is something that we get by virtue of the fact that we work with free software, you just couldn't do this with proprietary software because you don't have the visibility on the planning horizon," Shuttleworth said.

"Delivering Ubuntu 10.04 as an LTS, is the definitive proof that that two-year cadence works."

Citing the Lynx deodorant namesake, Shuttleworth said: "This year's Ubuntu Developer Summit is going to be the sweetest smelling Ubuntu Developer Summit ever, despite the fact that it's happening in Dallas."

Topics: Open Source, Linux


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  • Getting better and better

    Well, ubuntu did a great job surprisingly well as a new linux flavour since I started learning linux in 1992 with floppy installation.

    Since successfully bring my 70 years old parents online with the easy 3G modem installation on their newly built ubuntu desktop I believe future ubuntu (or other ubuntu based linux) will not be beaten by windows 7. (the windows software from the 3G modem was very unstable). However I do hope that the windows 7 will be a better windows for the disappointed vista users. I guess people need to have choice.
  • Gnome 2.0

    Why are you calling it Gnome 2.0, isn't that the version from 2002? what about 2.26?
  • what's wrong with 2.0?

    Looks nice to me! :)
  • typo

    Lynx will be the third SEMI-annual LTS release; biannual would mean they're being released twice per year.
  • RE: typo

    Actually it should be "biennial"....
    Semi-annual and biannual both mean the same thing.
  • RE: typo

    Yes, you are correct, it should be biennial.
  • Clone Mark..

    If there were more people Like Mark on the Earh....