Ubuntu Edge campaign picks up an enterprise backer in Bloomberg

Ubuntu Edge campaign picks up an enterprise backer in Bloomberg

Summary: As Ubuntu's crowdfunding campaign barely reaches over a quarter of its funding goal, the fund finally sells an enterprise perk.


The Ubuntu Edge crowdfuning campaign looks set to fail, but that hasn't stopped Bloomberg from jumping onto the fund and becoming the first "Enterprise 100" backer.

For US$80,000, the company will receive 100 Ubuntu Edge smartphones, 30 days of online support, and access to "best-practice workshops".

"Bloomberg supports open innovation and initiatives, such as Ubuntu Edge, that align with our software development and business priorities," said Shawn Edwards, Bloomberg chief technology officer in a funding update.

"With this investment, Bloomberg developers will contribute to an open technology initiative that could benefit our clients and have a powerful impact on the future of mobile computing."

The fund to create a smartphone that dual boots into Android, Ubuntu Phone OS, and Ubuntu desktop raised US$2 million in its first eight hours, but has, in the last couple of weeks, only raised a further US$6.4 million.

The final funding target for the device is US$32 million. If that amount is not raised, the project will not proceed.

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  • Kudos for Bloomberg for taking the plunge!

    I was expecting this to start towards the end of the campaign - I was thinking of a large retailer, and hoping it was not a tech or telco. Canonical must have been doing some serious marketing, since their whole campaign hinges on a significant number of corporate backers.

    For that very reason, one would not expect their backing at the beginning of the campaign. This amount of money ($80 000) is bound to be a budget item, which means conservative committees pondering it. Now that a firm with stature has made the plunge, there will be more.
  • Ubuntu Edge campaign picks up an enterprise backer in Bloomberg

    I was saying over on Huges blog today that before it was over that I felt that some one major just might get behind Ubuntu Edge.

    Once they see a major player get behind it...........than who will follow next........love to see I.B.M. jump in.......I cam remember back when Gates out minovered I.B.M.......I wonder if they remember?

    To all tthose clowns that said I was on drugs or worse........like toddbottom3.1 .....I say kiss my B***......
    Over and Out
    • Every now and then even a squirrel gets lucky

      and finds a nut.
      William Farrel
      • The joke is.....

        Even a "blind" squrirel.
        Techyard Dog
  • Ubuntu Edge

    I think this is one of the more brilliant ideas from the Linux community but unfortunately speed and legacy support will hold it back.

    I watched that video over and over and the one thing that struck me is that the desktop part is slow. And because it's Ubuntu you'll be stuck with running small apps and file management. That's not bad and with Google and Microsoft porting most of their productivity software to the cloud it's decent for small tasks.

    This would be a killer device if they had dropped an Atom in there, running Windows Phone and dual booting Window 8 Pro with 2Gb RAM and 64Gb storage. It's possible.

    The desktop part of this phone failed this project. It's a brilliant idea, the phone is beautiful. But I don't want to spend $800 on a phone and a crappy desktop experience. Then I'll rather drop $199 on a phone and buy a decent $600 tablet with Windows 8 Pro.
    Dreyer Smit
    • ...

      You do realize that the video wasn't of the actual phone running right? The phone hasn't been built yet, the specs haven't even been locked down yet (fastest multi-core processor and at least 4 GB ram clearly show this). What you saw was probably a Nexus 4 running the Ubuntu Touch OS.
      Koopa Troopa