UK and Kuwait to work together to fight cybercrime

UK and Kuwait to work together to fight cybercrime

Summary: The UK and Kuwait have agreed to cooperate on international security, with the goal of combating cybercrime, human trafficking and drug smuggling

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The UK has agreed to work with Kuwait on cybercrime, under a deal to share expertise on international security and counter-terrorism.

The two countries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will involve "close cooperation" in areas such as e-crime, human trafficking and drug smuggling, the Home Office announced on Monday. Under the arrangement, British experts will work with Kuwait officials to advise the country on developing its security systems.

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"Britain is eager to share skills and technological expertise with her friends in the Gulf, and I look forward to a close partnership in a common endeavour with the government of Kuwait," security minister Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones said in the Home Office statement.

Gulf nations have cited the risk to their national security of technology such as the double encryption used for Research In Motion's BlackBerry services, which make it more difficult for governments to monitor communications. Kuwait is reportedly in discussions with RIM over both security and moral concerns relating to BlackBerry use by people within its borders, and United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have threatened to block BlackBerry services within their borders.

The UK government has not released any information as to how the cooperation with Kuwait will work. "All that's being published with Kuwait is a framework so the details will be forthcoming in the future," the Cabinet Office told ZDNet UK. This includes any details about the cybercrime element of the agreement, it added.

Topic: Security

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  • Not sure UK is fit to train anyone.

    e.g. ACPO has been trying scaremongering radio adverts to try to keep it's full budget... erm fight 'terrorism'.

    "The anti-terrorist hotline ad suggests suspicious behaviour may include paying with cash and keeping curtains drawn. The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), which was behind the campaign, said seemingly insignificant behaviour could be linked to terrorism."

    You know you're in a police state, when the separate private police run company runs radio campaigns to protect their budgets from the elected governments of the day.

    The sooner ACPO is closed, and the budgets cut back to 1997 levels the better UK will be.