All UK Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets to get Jelly Bean 'within weeks'

All UK Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets to get Jelly Bean 'within weeks'

Summary: Samsung Galaxy S3 owners should soon start receiving notifications to inform them that an update to Android Jelly Bean is available to download, whichever network they are on.


The Jelly Bean version of Android has begun rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S III handsets across the UK.

Samsung said S3 owners will get a software update to take the devices up to Android 4.1 either now or in the very near future, for all operators.


"Samsung UK can confirm that the rollout of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) has begun for our Galaxy S III customers and will be available across all networks over the coming weeks, pending software testing and approvals," the phone maker said in a statement on Thursday.

Network operator Three confirmed via its Twitter account on Thursday that the update process has already begun.

Operators have been guilty in the past of taking an excessive amount of time to deliver Android updates once a new OS has been released by Google. The primary reason for the delay, besides software testing, is the need for the hardware maker to retool any of its services or apps to run on the newer version of the platform.

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  • Why not unbranded handsets first.

    Come on Samsung.
  • Emoze Secure Push Mail

    I've done benchmarks with the stock JB email client and with several third party clients and I find that Emoze has the advantage in almost every aspect.
    Push notification is stable and fast ,less than 60 sec.
    Battery consumption is low ,I’m able to work in push mode without charging for at least 22 hours.
    The security features are quite useful,it allows you to find the device location by SMS or email and also to remote wipe or block by SMS.
    This is cool because you don’t need PC connected to the internet to get the job done ,to activate the security process you can simply send SMS to your phone number .
    Highly recommended !!!
    Moris Kahan
  • if 3 have started already?

    then surely people who purchased unbranded handsets should have started to. Is it possible that our update is being held back until the mobile operators can deliver to their customers as well. In the past there were complaints that they got their updates later than direct owners.
    That was understandable and the phone operators needed to get their act together but non-tied owners should get their updates at least as quickly as Three can.

    I have commented over the last few weeks that users should be patient but now either the update is ready for release or it is not - for everyone - come on Samsung!
  • It's amazing!!!

    As i got jelly bean update and it has made my phone much smoother and faster.i like it!!!!

    Samsung Galaxy S3