Flash returns to Google Play store in UK - but not for long

Flash returns to Google Play store in UK - but not for long

Summary: Adobe backpedals on its decision to pull its Flash Player app from the official Android store, to accommodate the BBC's iPlayer app — but act now if you want to download it, as it will be gone again soon.


Adobe has reversed its decision to remove the Flash Player app from the Google Play store, but only in the UK and only for a limited time.

The company told the BBC on Thursday that it has reinstated the app on the official Android marketplace in Britain after receiving requests to do so from "strategic partners", of which the BBC itself was one.

The broadcaster reported that it had asked Adobe not to pull Flash Player from the store just yet, as it was required for its own iPlayer Android app.

Adobe pulled its Flash Player from the Google Play store on 15 August, following its decision to stop developing the player for mobile devices.

While the app is available now, it won't be for very long. Adobe has said it will be removed "soon", and is reported to be working with the BBC on developing an alternative system for viewing content on mobiles.

Even when it is ultimately removed from the Play store, there are unofficial ways of installing Flash Player on a device. However, performance can be unpredictable, and it does leave the device potentially vulnerable to malware, as there will be no future updates.

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  • Flash was NEVER removed from play, unless you have a JB phone... :/

    My Gs2 has just got a flash update!! If you still have gingerbread / ICS, you should have one too..

    'play' comments say maybe problems with ICS, but it may just be low spec phone problems..

    PLEASE tell me, why did you not LOOK at play on a non JB phone first????? or ask adobe?:)
  • It was removed from play.

    I un-installed it the day before it was removed, then when I went looking for it again, no search results were found. That's on an ICS SGS3.

    You seem pretty sure of your statement even though the entire world according to the internet reported it had been removed. Did you think they'd all misspelt the search term??
    Little Old Man
    • *you* removed it, thats why..

      If you had bothered to read the adobe info, you would realize... :)


      you can still find lots of offerings on google, or ask a friend who hasn't removed it for a copy of the APK......:)
    • Hope you can find a copy of Flash...

      Sir, please see my post below, best wishes...
  • Mostly unimportant

    Since Flash 6 now speaks Javascript/HtmL5
    • wrong number???

      Flash 6 was released july 2000...
  • I just updated Flash on my device through Adobe site...

    FYI All, Although Flash Player has been removed from "Play" I have updated it three times. Twice after Flash was updated on my laptop last week and once two days ago. I found that by going to the Adobe "help" page and clicking on Flash Player I was taken to a " Play" page and just tapped update and my player updated. This even though Flash has been removed from the Play store. Adobe is following through on the promise to support 4.0.x ICS devices, at least until they update to Jelly Bean.( I will NOT be agreeing to a JB update, until I don't want Flash functionality on my phone.) I am sorry for the fellow that uninstalled Flash the day before it was removed from Play Store, but a word to the wise, always back-up your apps. with a file manager like Astro, before updating or removing.Just in case you don't like the new update or want the application back. I don't understand why he would have removed it in the first place but be careful installing Flash look-alike apps. that could be malware. Flash isn't gone, it is alive and working well and updated to on the 28th of August, from Adobe.com. If you want a Flash device better buy one now, one that doesn't have Jelly Bean that is, and check Adobe often for updates and enjoy it while it lasts. FYI the Play Store in England jus tbrought Flash Payer back to their store due to outcry from BBC and other commercial sites across the pond. Adobe says it's for a limited time but won't say when they are going to re-remove it from that Play site...