Microsoft's 32GB Surface tablet sells out in the UK

Microsoft's 32GB Surface tablet sells out in the UK

Summary: UK fans of Microsoft's forthcoming Surface tablet may be ruing their luck after the 32GB version without Touch Cover sold out in pre-orders.


One version of Microsoft's new Surface tablet has sold out in the UK, despite only being available for pre-order for less than a week.

The 32GB version of the Surface tablet without a Touch Cover — a type of keyboard/case — is currently listed as "Temporarily sold out" on Microsoft's UK online store. It's not known how many units Microsoft had available to order in the UK, or when the 32GB version without a cover will be back in stock. The tablet became available for pre-order on 16 October.

Surface tablet
The 32GB version of Microsoft's Surface without cover has sold out in the UK, having been on pre-order for less than a week.

The 32GB model without cover is the cheapest version of Surface, retailing at £399. The same version of the tablet sold with the Touch Cover comes in at £479, while the 64GB version with Touch Cover is priced at £559.

The US version of Microsoft's online shop still has stock available (as do the French and German stores), however. The wait for the basic version of the Surface is listed as three weeks, compared with one to two weeks for versions with a keyboard.

The inclusion of a keyboard with two of the three Surface bundles has sparked a debate about the viability of tablets for some types of users. Whether the keyboard-free version of Surface is selling out first simply because it is the cheapest, or because buyers aren't interested in the Touch Cover, remains to be seen.

The tablet officially goes on sale on Friday and — along with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 — is part of a series of launches from Microsoft aimed at refreshing its desktop and mobile offerings, in order to defend its territory against rivals such as Apple and Google.

Microsoft told ZDNet it would not comment on the story.

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  • Interesting to see what else is sold out

    I notice that the only color you can buy the add-on touch cover is in white. Were other colors available in the UK when pre-orders started? If yes, it would certainly suggest that the reason the 32GB w/out touch cover is selling so well is because people wanted a touch cover in a color other than black. These Surfaces are still going to homes with a touch cover.

    The excitement is real, all that remains to be seen is if Apple's astroturfing campaign can succeed in spreading enough FUD to kill week 2+ sales of the Surface. So far, sadly, it appears that Apple is succeeding with blog post after blog post of "Windows RT: confusing everyone (Apple fanbois) everywhere".
    • Cool Tool - better than W8, OS is just the medium...

      Try this one:
      Hans Peter Pleier
    • actually it seems in US

      All the three are sold out. If you go to Microsoft store site, Surface RT32GB-Touchcover, Surface RT32GB+Touch Cover, and Surface RT 64GB + Touch Cover are on backorder.
      Ram U
    • Right out of Nokia's playbook

      Anyone remembers all the BS numbers tossed around when Lumia 900 was launched? It was in the region of millions after Times Square launch.

      When in fact it was less than 300,000.

      No official numbers, then take it with a lump of salt.
      • Do you have anything to back that up.

        Rule of thumb here is that you have to back up a statement like that with a link.

        Its the only way to separate make believe from fact
        William Farrel
        • I look forward to seeing links attached to your claims in future, too.

          Sauce for the goose...
  • Yea.. Right

    Smells like the same marketing trick as Apple. Keep stock low to make it seem everyone wants them.
  • only

    because they came preinstalled on something a person wanted to buy :)
  • Microsoft's 32GB Surface tablet sells out in the UK

    Most impressive and kudos to Microsoft! It shouldn't come as a surprise because when the Microsoft Surface was released it was highly praised everywhere. From its very sturdy construction to its useful keyboard/cover this is a well thought out Microsoft device. Now lets see those people, ok that one person, who said this was going to be a huge flop eat his words. I'd hate to be that guy.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • It was not me

      It was not me who a said it would flop but would like to add my name to the list. It will need to get to a version 2 or some big s/w upgrades before its right. Not saying its bad but not sure its good enough. BTW its not been "highly praised" everywhere but clearly it gets an as ever impartial Loverock 5* mark.

      How about 6 months after launch day for an eating competition?
  • First Unboxing Vid from Eastern Europe

    It's already looking a little janky. ;-P
    Rich Harris
    • Those are great.

      The iPad mini with the Ive's voice is classic.

      Thanks for the laughs.
  • Fact is

    1) online pre-order is sold out everywhere in the world.
    2) report MS will make 3-5 millions this quarter.

    Those are the only 2 "facts" we know. it is not realistic MS already have 3-5 millions in stock now. It may have 1- 2 millions by Oct 26. If half of them allocated to online, it is 500K to 1 millions. So, that may be the pre-order # we looking for.

    I don't think the number of pre-order is important, but if MS can sell 5 millions in 3 months that will be a great success. We will get the numbers soon or later.
  • No matter how you look at it

    Mircrosoft has hit a home run and all the whining in theoowrld won't change it.
  • Why not sold out?

    I dont get it.. why wuldnt Surface be sold out? Its the newest gadget for any non-apple fanboys. Not everyone is going to buy an apple product. And some people do need PCs this, year right?

    People will buy PC with Microsoft Office in it. Surface is the new PC-plain and simple. It has the new OS in it, has the new Office in it, has superior spes being sold at subsidy. and its the only product that Microsoft themselves are creating and owning end to end. Why wouldnt someone who wouldve bought a PC anyways, buy a surface?
    • A Surface Is Not A Desktop PC

      "Why wouldnt someone who wouldve bought a PC anyways, buy a surface?"

      When you say PC, you are referring to a traditional desktop PC. The Surface is not one and was not designed to be one. So think of all the things you can do on a desktop PC (a fairly large list, no?), and the answer to your question becomes obvious.
      Lora Baines
      • Surface Is Not a Desktop PC

        Lora..Speaking from my experience working at Microsoft ( though my comments are not official), for an average user who uses MS Word, Excel , surfs net etc. Surface is the new PC and adding the keyboard with cover is to ensure that the workflow remains the same. For a user who uses says, Expressions, Visual Studio, Crystal Reports or Peoplesoft, yes you will have to wait for the soon to be released Windows 8 Pro that will also be on a surface like device. My original point was, in the next 2-3 years a laptop will become these Surface like devices, so why wouldnt someone who was going to buy a laptop buy Surface or a Surface-Pro ( for lack of a better word)
      • what PC=traditioal desktop PC?

        which dictionary informed you that? PC is Personal Computer and anything personally used by someone is PC, whether it is smartphone, tablet, slate, netbook, laptop, netPC, notebook or desktop PC.
        Ram U
  • To all about numbers

    Who cares!!! Do you like the product, buy it. If you do not then don't. All the people waiting for Microsoft to release numbers, are you going to buy one if the numbers are high enough? If you are that says alot about you. Also have any of you thought that Microsoft is not releasing numbers since they have an Event planned to announce windows 8, so would it not make sense that they would hold off announcing numbers till then.
    • Only people like ShameToRealSeanConnery needs numbers

      and he is missing the point, there will be so many deers in a forest, only few Lions and Tigers to enjoy them. :-)
      Ram U