Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X 'hero' Windows Phone 8 devices go on sale today

Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X 'hero' Windows Phone 8 devices go on sale today

Summary: The first Windows Phone 8 devices are now available to buy in the UK, from free on qualifying contracts or from £380 SIM-free


Two flagship Windows Phone 8 devices, the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X, both hit retailers' shelves for the first time on Friday.

Nokia Lumia 920
The Lumia 920. Image: Ben Woods

The two 'hero' devices, whose debut follows the formal launch of the Windows Phone 8 platform earlier this week, both enjoy a top-end spec list.

The Lumia 920 is available exclusively on the EE network in the UK - formed from the merger of the operators T-Mobile and Orange - and will work with EE's recently launched 4G network. The handset will also be available on non-4G contracts on the Orange or T-Mobile networks, through EE stores or Phones4U, Nokia said.

A Nokia spokesman confirmed to ZDNet on Wednesday that the device would remain an EE exclusive until "at least" the start of 2013, and possibly beyond.

On EE, the lowest up-front cost option to get your hands on the device is £19.99, on a two-year, £46 per month contract. The £46 EE contract comes with unlimited calls and texts, and 3GB of data usage.

The 920 is also available on a £36 per month option, which comes with just 500MB of data and increases the upfront cost of the device to £129.

The Windows Phone 8X by HTC — which also comes in a 4G LTE variant, but not in the UK — also went on sale on Friday.

Ahead of the introduction of the device, HTC said it would be available for pre-order from Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U and Three, but at the time of the writing none of the retailers websites were yet offering the device.

However, O2 does have it available to buy, from free on a 24-month contract of £32 per month or more, or for £16.50 per month with a £150 upfront cost. SIM-free the device costs £380.

The introduction of the two 'hero' devices marks the arrival of the first Windows Phone 8 devices into the market, at a critical time for both Microsoft and Nokia: both need to make up time and market share against smartphone rivals.

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  • EE doesn't have it :/

    Just been into 2 different EE stores today to pick up a 920. Both told me they don't have it nor have any idea when it will be coming!? This is really poor :(
    • where do u stay

      it depends on which area u stay as they are only available in 12 localtions in su cks big time
  • How can you call devices without SD card support "hero" devices?

    These are both quite nice and both the top end for the manufacturer, but neither deserves the "hero" moniker.
    Johnny Vegas
  • Big Question Marks Over Windows Phone 8

    1) Both companies are losing money on their Windows Phone operations. How long are they likely to persevere before giving up and orphaning any Microsoft-based product you take the risk of buying?
    2) WP8 represents a complete break with WP7. Will consumers appreciate this, considering they are quite hard to tell apart?
    3) In spite of Microsoft's assurances, many WP7 apps won't run on on WP8, including Microsoft's own Skype. How do you explain this to customers with an investment in WP7 apps?
    • Talking Rubbish

      1. Both companies are losing money not necessarily on their WP Ops, unless you can give me so figures your talking rubbish!
      2. What you said makes no sense what so ever, but I think I know what you are trying to get at. How can it be a complete break and yet they are hard to tell apart?
      3. Skype works perfectly well on WP8 (apart from not being able to log out). And most popular WP7 app work on WP8 and newer WP7 apps also work on WP8.

      It really annoys me when people come on Tech websites claiming to know it all and state facts that are untrue, WP8 is very easy to use, Although I am an Android user and lover I find WP8 very refreshing and with the promise of Microsoft linking things together it seems like they are going the right way. Saying that until it does I shall be staying with Android.

      Can you tell me the difference between WP7 - WP8, Android 2.3 - Android 4.2 and iOS 3.0 and iOS 6? They all have the same issues in regards to Apps.
  • nokia lumia 920

    I'm salivating. We were under the impression this phone would be available down under early November. Now it looks like later in the month.
    One on-line store here is taking pre-orders but hasn't given any indication of what colours will be sold. The price is extremely competitive at $635 aussie dollars outright purchase. You do the conversion.
    This phone is also a camera replacement for me with it's 'pureview system' apparently besting every other phone on the market.
    Currently running Windows 8 on the desktop.
    Once the phone arrives productivity should increase exponentially.
    The Stav