Unboxing the Nokia Lumia 1520

Unboxing the Nokia Lumia 1520

Summary: After bouncing my Lumia 800 phone once too often and badly cracking the screen, I decided it was time for a new phone. I decided to try the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet.


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  • Now for the Nokia part of the build.

    Image: Eileen Brown

  • Setting up the Nokia Pro Camera.

    Image: Eileen Brown

  • The default home screen. The phone is now ready to use. I have a mobile phone signal and I am ready to go.  The whole process from opening the package (and taking photos along the way) took under 15 minutes. My hotmail is syncing to my phone.

    All I had to do was add the server name of my hosted exchange account to synchronise all of my contacts, emails and calendar items. I also need to spend time in the Windows store to see what apps are available for the phone.

    This is the easiest and quickest Windows phone set up that I have ever experienced. I set up my first Windows mobile device in a corporate environment in early 2003.  I'm impressed.

    Two days later the only thing I had to configure was the answering service number at my provider. And days later, I still love this phablet. My only gripe is that when I hold the phone on a call with my right hand, my thumb touches the camera button and takes an image.

    Apart from that gripe — this is the best device I have used for years. Nice one Nokia / Microsoft.  


    Image: Eileen Brown

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  • Congratulations

    I tried the 1520, but it was just too big for my hands. I went with the 1020 in the end, very happy with it.
    • My wife loves her 1020

      It is a pretty amazing phone...
    • 1520

      Nicely done. I got the 1520 and it is terrific. Going back to a small screen, never gonna happen. I didn't get earbuds with mine though, so I am a little bothered by that. The 32gb version is only available in black, unfortunately.
      Rick Roumimper
  • Unboxing the Nokia Lumia 1520

    Looks like a nice phone. My concern would be about carrying it around in my pocket and if its a little too big or not.
    • Fits in my pockets fine

      The only issue is the glossiness of the phone causes it to be slippery and it has slipped out of my coat pocket a couple of times....
  • I love my 1520!

    I upgraded from a Lumia 900 and immediately took to the large size. Now when I use my wife's 1020 for something, I can't believe how she could use such a tiny phone! : )
    • Same here

      although I have a 1020 and she has a 620. she wanted a replacement to her iPhone 3GS and wanted a phone that wasn't any bigger...
  • Love the 1520, AT&T not so much

    I lost my Lumia 920 and replaced it with a 1520. Like another commenter said, I won't be going back to a smaller phone. My wife's 920 seems tiny to me now. For me, there's nothing to not like about the 1520. I highly recommend the TUDIA Ultra Slim Melody TPU Bumper Protective Case for the phone that you can get for a few dollars. It does a great job of protecting the phone and camera lens without bulking it up and it offers a surer grip.

    On the other hand, my 1520 came from AT&T in the U.S. You don't get earphones and, more importantly, AT&T had Nokia remove the Qi wireless charging coil that the rest of the world apparently gets. That means that I can't use the charging plate that came with my 920. The only way to get wireless charging on an AT&T 1520 is to buy an overpriced and bulky charging cover for the phone that uses AT&T's preferred wireless charging standard. Which also means buying a different charger since it's not Qi. Thanks a lot, AT&T. Things like that are why your customers hate you.
    Sir Name